Armor will be treated in Kiev

Armor will be treated in KievToday it was announced that another week delayed discharge of the Soviet of People's Artist Leonid armor, survived a heart attack in September and major heart surgery. According to the chief specialist "Kyiv City Heart Center" Boris Todurova, the actor has decided to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation course in the Ukraine.

Todurov announced that Armored slowly begins to be on the mend, walking in the ward, eating soup and deals with doctors. Chief doctor said that the Russian side there was a proposal to move the actor on a special plane from Kiev to Moscow, but Armored refused.

The doctor and the artist discussed in detail the proposed treatment. Todurov said Bronevoj not seeking home, its all happy at the Kiev clinic and he would like to go here a complete rehabilitation. The discharge is too early to say. Most likely, the actor has been in the center, in about a week. Administration officials say the clinic that the actor is in serious, but just state, so to say the exact date of discharge is not possible.

Leonid armor felt pain in my heart on September 18, immediately after the completion of the Kiev theater tours "Lenk". Actor was immediately taken to the city center of the heart with myocardial infarction, where he was immediately carried out a complex operation. October 2 doctors of the center reported that the state Bronevoi slightly improved, and it can add a special flight by plane to Moscow, but eventually doctors, fearing for the health of the artist, decided not to do so, and the actor wanted to stay in Kiev. October 3 visited his Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

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