Around 20,000 conifers planted in Primorye in the Day of cedar

Primorye residents on Saturday planted about 20,000 seedlings of Korean pine in the new National Park "Land of Leopard" at the celebration of the cedar, told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Elena Starostin.

First Day celebration was held in the Maritime pine in 2011. The reason for its creation was the decision of the government of the Russian Federation, according to which the Korean pine was included in the "List of types (species) of trees and shrubs, timber which is not allowed."

"This year's Day of Cedar is the second time, and again people of different professions and ages gathered in the Khasan district of Primorye. Today on the Narva River about 200 people came to lay their hands a new area of cedar forest in the national park" Land of Leopard "" — representative said.

According to her, in the planting of cedar on Saturday was attended by environmental patrols five local schools, groups of various organizations and societies Vladivostok, students, tourists, and Marines from the nearby military base. In addition, the cedars planted environmental prosecutor Vladimir Primorye and managers Khasan district.

"In this day Cedar code — is not only a good opportunity to plant a forest for the leopard, but also an opportunity to celebrate a great event — the long-awaited opening of the new National Park" Land of Leopard. "Its letter of appointment was signed in early April," — said the interviewee.

As the head of the Forest Programme Amur branch of WWF Russia Denis Smirnov, environmentalists will need more effort to convince the authorities to prohibit the procurement of Korean pine.

"Day of cedar — the day of victory of this Far East, for which the Far East — is my home, not a place that is fashionable to throw, scoop out all the resources it" bottoms up "," — said Smirnov.

According to him, over the last hundred years, the area of pine forests in the Far East was halved, and timber reserves — five times. But despite this, many coastal lumber believe that the law prohibiting the procurement of cedar was passed too quickly.

"Now they are complaining that the ban was introduced hastily and thoughtlessly. In reality to think there was no time, we were only 10-15 years to get to a nearby Chinese repetition, where the ax killed almost all the legendary Manchu cedar" — he said.

During another campaign environmentalists "Plant a Forest for leopard" from late April to early June by volunteers planned to plant a million saplings of Korean pine in an area of 500 hectares. In 2011, it was planted about 500 seedlings. In 2012, for the first three weeks of action, in the National Park "Land of Leopard" was planted about 140,000 seedlings of Korean pine.

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