At Omsk woke strange powder

Last week, in some areas of the city of Omsk night fell from the sky white powder. He was everywhere: in trees, on the pavement, in cars, on the ground, on roofs and window sills. After waking up and seeing the unusual precipitation resembling washing powder, but without the smell, residents nervous and began to call the MOE, the media and the Federal Service, wanting to know what it is, and if it is not dangerous to health.

Services, environmental monitoring and emergency situations, visit the area and took samples of soil, water, air and powder for analysis. Suggested that the powder is a release of any enterprise. First decided that the culprit may be one of the CHP, and the powder can be normal ash. Immediately checked all the CHP, but this version has not been confirmed — all stations to operate without disruption technology.

The views of experts were divided — some believe that the mysterious powder is a product of the refinery processing, while others suggest that it is a catalyst. Until then, pending the results of the Omsk region MOE recommends people as possible without the need to be in the street, children in general to cancel trips.

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