Avatar — The inescapable reality!

And again about robots. I start to guard the interest of scientists in this study did not allow for individual organs or limbs, namely robots capable of performing complex tasks. My recent article about the most "skilled" Robots slightly pales before this. Why? Because there management was carried out either by remote control, or it was artificial intelligence. Here you will meet the re incarnation of the plot of the film "Avatar," because these "machines" will drive people using the power of thought!

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University (Israel), under the overall guidance of the Ori Cohen (Ori Cohen) used functional magnetic resonance imaging to using the signals from the human brain to control a bipedal robot, located at the Institute of Technology in Beziers (France).

Functional MRI (fMRI) — a type of magnetic resonance imaging, which measures changes in blood flow caused by the neural activity of the brain (or spinal cord) of the brain. It allows you to determine the activity of a particular area of the brain under the influence of various external factors.

Attempts to use fMRI to control a remote robot has already been made, but for the first humanoid control mechanism that resides in Europe, carried out a person in Asia.

To make this possible, using fMRI tracked blood flow to part of the brain responsible for movement: guinea Israeli student Tirosh Shapira imagined that it moves, and his robot-avatar, receiving signals from the fMRI scanner transmitted over standard communication lines, reproduced conceived human movement.

This is a sharp qualitative leap compared with joysticks in use today. Reactions brain much quicker than the fingers, and the complexity of motions available realized under such controlled potential is higher. How to control a humanoid joystick, if you want to move my fingers, toes, and then rotating the elbow joint, and so on? The solution to this problem by means of a conventional manipulator requires memorizing a number of combinations, and their set can not be lightning.

Of course, the information from the camera installed in the robot's head, were sent to the experimenter, however, and it did not give guarantees for the protection of all the problems. It turned out that the definition of the movement specially developed software, there is some time later, from the moment a person begins to think about the movement. To solve this problem, a guinea had to think about the desired motion with some anticipation: only if the robot acted as it should.

Another difficulty: the gap between the size of the body of the pilot the robot (about a meter in height), and the human body. In order to adequately manage the "Text", the latter should ideally fit us in size and proportions. But the Israelites did not lose heart, because the next experience will be a robot KAWADA HRP-4 development Kawada Industries:

Nevertheless, the ability of the new interface to operate in near real time is amazing! It opens up new perspectives for remote-controlled robot, and for the UAV and a number of military applications.

DARPA has recently expressed an interest to avataropodobnym management systems humanoid fighting robots able to use firearms. Logical step that follows another from the concept of remote-controlled drones and expected for the country, they can not afford the loss of manpower for political reasons. Especially not pass by this thought Israelites, to whom all these problems are not an example of sharpened.

However, for a speedy implementation of the technology's hope not: neither fMRI equipment, neither the humanoids in their functionality to such an important step, as a replacement for human robot on the firing line, are not prepared. But then the UAV described science fiction a hundred years ago, once seemed irresponsible fiction …



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