Awful smell of unknown origin in Dartmouth, Canada

Bad smell of mysterious origin was recorded on Thursday over the center of Canada's Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, said

Local residents are concerned and put forward different hypotheses about its origins.

"Maybe vynovaty treatment plant?" Suggests Paul Lynch.

"Maybe it smells like dead fish," said Heather Ferguson, a representative of the local municipality.

"Well it's not quite the smell of dead fish. I do not even know what it is," tried to push their version of Bill Nichols.

According to witnesses, the smell is just sickening, and its origin is still a mystery.

The representative of the Regional Water Commission said that the sewer was not recorded anything unusual, and suggested that the smell could have come from rotting buoys on the beach.

The Commission sent its staff to spray deodorant to try to mitigate the smell.


There is also a version that stands out is the source of the smell from the bottom of ponds hydrogen sulfide.

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