Belarus can separate from the Euronest

The Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the EU "Eastern Partnership" previously announced that it is ready to begin work without the participation of the representatives of Belarus. And although the final decision will be adopted at the conference of heads of political groups in the European Parliament, the first meeting of the "Euronest" without the Belarusian delegation may take place in early March.

Or will it be a serious loss to Belarus prospect of excommunication from the "Euronest"? Expert expresses his opinion of the Agency for Humanitarian Technologies Tatiana Vadalaskaya:

Tatiana Vadalaskaya

"I think so. After all, if it is decided that the" Euronest "can work without the Belarusian delegation, that means one thing: Europe and other partner countries have simply given up and decided that we should not expect something good from Belarus. I it seems that this is not entirely correct, as it will benefit the development of Belarus. actually needed let there even MPs — perhaps under some specific conditions, but the need for a workable parliament could act influential factor to make a normal parliamentary elections following. And if the parliament is excluded, it allegedly did not have anything to do. "

Designed on the eve of the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and CIS Relations Igor Karpenko believes that the position of non-stop promotion of any conditions to the Belarus counterproductive and will not lead to establishing a full-fledged dialogue between Minsk and the European Union:

Igor Karpenko

"I think that the EU should finally understand that Belarus — a sovereign democratic state, and accordingly it is necessary to treat her. And everyone has flaws. We in the EU are also able to dig up a lot of different flaws — and human rights, and anything. Therefore, it seems to me, when the conversation is going, he should go further as a dialogue. This means that we must somehow listen, and not to make permanent condition. We are no conditions of the EU do not give out, you know, why they We are constantly pushing some conditions? "

Is it possible to consider the prospect of excommunication of Belarus from the "Eastern Partnership", declared once the EU as a "Neighbourhood Programmes" continuation of the policy of sanctions of the West against the leadership of the country? Interested in Tatiana Vadalaskay:

It's not quite the sanctions, but rather, a kind of momentum that suggests that Belarus can be a problem at all with the "Eastern Partnership …

"It's not quite the sanctions, but rather, a kind of momentum that suggests that Belarus can be a problem at all with the" Eastern Partnership ". Part, this concerns not the civil society and parliamentary delegation, which can travel from Belarus — The House of Representatives recognized, and any other way, at least the previous together is not found, so the "Euronest" is not collected at all. But if they do not penalize civil society, it may be rejected by the general membership of Belarus in the "Eastern Partnership." Then the Belarusian delegation excluded from the work at all levels. yet it does not, the next meeting on "Eastern Partnership" at the highest level will be in the spring, and finally the issue will be decided there. "

It is hoped that under the pressure of the international community in Belarus finally earn flywheel democratization? And what place in this process belongs to civil society? That's what this one is thinking of the leaders of the Belarusian third sector Vladimir Mackiewicz:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"The international community today is looking for and in some way trying to come up with a more powerful impact on the mechanisms of dictatorial regimes to regimes that violate human rights. Unfortunately, these powerful things still have not invented, so much of the responsibility for the abolition of dictatorships still lies with the civil society of the country where these regimes have been established. Especially hope for sanctions, as experience shows, it is not necessary … "

Let me remind you before the European Parliament proposed to change the composition of the delegation to Minsk to participate in the "Euronest" by sending a "mixed" group — five people from the House of Representatives and neparlyamentskay opposition. However, the official Belarusian side did not accept the offer, demanding that the conditions are the same with the other member countries of "Eastern Partnership", which include in their delegations by 10 members of the national parliaments.

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