Belarus experienced a severe storm with snow and hail (updated)

In the evening of August 14 Belarus faced with an unusual natural phenomenon, writes
Almost the entire country at the same time were intense thunderstorms. Sometimes with hail and sleet. In the north-west — and Oshmyanschine Volozhinschine — hail and snow was so much that he fell asleep as the ground in the winter. In Volozhin because rain burst a dam. There is information about the devastation in other regions. Traffic on the highway Minsk — Vilnius was very slow — the road was covered with snow. Ministry of Emergency Situations has not released exact information about the damage caused by hurricane country.

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Road Oshmyany — Minsk filled up with snow — photos, video


Road Oshmyany - Minsk filled up with snow - photos, video


Road Oshmyany - Minsk filled up with snow - photos, video

Road Oshmyany - Minsk filled up with snow - photos, video

Road Oshmyany - Minsk filled up with snow - photos, video

On Sunday afternoon on the highway Minsk — Oshmyany — Lithuanian border (in Volozhin district) was very difficult because of the movement of thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail, according Some hailstones in diameter was more than two inches. Rain was in the midst of our correspondent.

Because of the near-zero visibility most drivers prefer to wait out the storm on the sidelines. Those who choose to continue driving, driving at a maximum speed of 25-30 km / h with the included "emergency gang." After the storm is over, the machine moves literally through snowdrifts. One of the passengers buses even come out of the car and began to play in the snow.
On the road quickly melted hail. But at the sides formed a sort of snow, which melted in an hour. Even after the rain stopped completely, the speed of vehicles in some parts of the route was not higher than 50 km / h
According to the MOE, in the Volozhin damaged two bridges and washed away in the dam flooded a few yards.




Apakalіptychny storm in Tsentralnay of Belarus


Zalew prayshlі shyrokay Smuha hell yes Maladzechna Gomel, Praz Minsk, Babruysk. Hell i already Maladzechna pad Slutsk hail mestsamі byў Palmer s galubіnae yayko. Kіroўtsy on the highway pile ukryvalі mashyny hto Chym could.

Navalnitsa pryyshla ¢ Mіnsk PALOV the other day, blіzhey vechar pad.

In Valozhynskіm Ryan hail byў takі vyalіkі INTO pakryў zyamlyu, nіby snow. In samіm Valozhyne vada prarvala dam composition, padtaplennі ests.

Ba Uzdzenskіm Ryan Palmer gradzіny vyalіznaga pabіlі dahі damoў i shyby ¢ aўtamabіlyah.

Motsnyya dazhdzhy yashche chakayutstsa neўzabave ¢ Ryan Svetlagorska, Mazyra.

And eight Brest, Vіtsebsk, Magіleў i Grodno Zhodzіna, Barysaў bowl sіya, zdaetstsa, mіnula.

Orange sky in Minsk 08/14/2011



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