Belarusian tourists are advised not to travel to Egipet

Belarusian tourists to refrain from visiting Egypt until the situation is completely normal.

A spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh Told "Freedom" that the deterioration of the situation in Egypt, the situation is clarified with Belarusian citizens who are there on vacation.

"According to the information at the moment, the riots did not affect our citizens. Belarusian diplomats go out with them on contact. Thought out set of measures to assess the real situation and planning of possible actions to assist the Belarusian tourists. Given the worsening political situation, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry recommends citizens to refrain from visiting the country to a complete normalization of the situation. "

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry also appealed to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, thence to specialists through travel agencies to estimate the approximate number of Belarusians who are in Egypt.

In the reference and information service "Belavia" said that today was canceled charter flight from Minsk to Egipet. However, this information is not confirmed Deputy Director General Igor Cherginets, who said that today was not planned flight. Flight Feb. 1 will be carried out according to schedule.

"As long as no changes are planned. How the program was announced tour companies that book charter flights, as long as it is. We talked to customers flights. While there are no prerequisites, what you need do some export routes, pick up people — it is not. Of the tourists who want to come back, they go to the next flight home. Mass failure of the flight and rest in Egypt, no. Approximately 10-15% of the tourists refused. But the best part still wants to rest. "

Approximately 10-15% of the tourists refused. But the best part still wants to rest.

The representative of the tour company «TEZ TOUR» in Minsk Snyazhana reported that the company in writing informs tourists about the situation that has developed in Egypt.

"If there are any complications of the situation in Egypt, then they will somehow adjust our program. While there are no views. "

The company said that now in Egypt on their lines is about 1,400 Belarusian tourists. The company's website contains information that, in connection with the situation in Egypt, "all new applications in the database made for tours to this country, transferred to the status of a "waiting list" for an indefinite period. " However, in the Minsk office of the company was informed that it applies only to those travelers departing from Moscow.

The company "Alatan Tour" reported that recommend to refrain from trips to Egipet and that many now themselves refuse to go to that country.

"All those who planned trips for the coming days, all canceled. This is a business trip. "

Ministry of Sport and Tourism reported that the tourists who paid trips to Egipet, but do not want to go to this country due to the worsening political situation may demand that the tourism organization refund.


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