Boat Amstaf expanding its capacity

Robot Amstaf expanding its capabilities

Automotive Robotic Industries (ARI) showcased the latest military version of the bot Amstaf. The company has in the past represented the version to ensure the security and the system at the present time is the testing stage to ensure the safety of airports. Amstaf consists of a mechanized, autonomous platform, which in accordance with the tasks assigned to it to ensure the puzzles pieces perimeter protection maybe armed with specific sensors, such as the Smart Fence (acoustic, vibration, seismic), radar and motion detection system. Other configurations may include Amstaf as payload bio, chemical, radiation, fire sensors and catalytic converters. Boat with telescopic mast is already in operation to patrol the area south of the demilitarized zone in South Korea.

Support combat vehicle is a concept car combines ARI means infantry and fire support platform for the transport equipment (mule). "Amstaf provides efficient and versatile stand-alone platform that can do different roles in support of military and special units," said Amos Goren, founder of ARI. "Curb your system remotely managed tools and detectors, it can be used as unmanned combat or scout ranger, replacing manned car now and scouts. Same platform can be configured on the battlefield in order to make the supply of infantry, carry and run guided weapon or to transport the wounded to the non-dangerous place without risking the lives of others fighter, "Goren-added. Management and control of tactical bots will be performed using the Toughbook laptop or controller mounted on the wrist who will be able to give Amstaf major commands for regular coordination with the infantry, such as "Stop", "Follow me." In the static or mobile surveillance reconnaissance, boat can be operated by one hundred percent comfortable control systems have already been developed for Amstaf On Guard, providing the highest flexibility and functionality.

Amstaf on Guard is built to withstand a 24 hour work cycle in the combat version of the software allowing you to make puzzle support within 6 hours offering a quiet, covert operation. TC has an integrated power generator 2.5KVt sufficient to perform 18 hours of tasks. When needed just 15 minutes maybe performed rapid charging of external BATTERY charger allowing the bot to work for an additional 4 hours. Boat weighs 900 kg, is capable of carrying 850 kg of payload plus the ability to haul one ton. Boat has the highest rate of 32 km / h on land and 5 km / h afloat.

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