Boat makes the passages in minefields

The robot makes passages in minefields

Military boat IRobot masters of the latest specialty. Now boat, which is called Warrior (Soldier) and which is a lightweight version of the bot Python, uses a system of Mk7 APOBS (Anti-personnel Obstacle Breaching System). Boat will be able to perfectly prodelyvat passages in various anti Obstacle minefields and wire fences of the stabbing. Thus boat he did not specifically calls in on the minefields, and works at a distance.

How does this happen? Fighters remotely fed bot closer to the field, which lined antipersonnel obstacles. Then boat fires a missile in the right direction. By the rocket attached to 45 meters of line fragmentation grenades and a small parachute. After the shot rocket, proparhav, falls to the ground, pulling the rope in line with grenades. Grenades explode on the ground, undermining the mines and obstacles. The result is truly distinguishable and harmless way for the infantry and tf.

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