Border guards seized from poachers in the Primorye 1.25 t of sea cucumber

Border guards stopped the illegal activities of international organized group involved in production, processing and marketing of buying banned fishing for sea cucumber and seized in an underground workshop about 1.25 tons of the invertebrate shellfish delicacy, reports the Russian FSB Border management in the Primorsky Territory.

Trepang — marine invertebrate mollusks, fish it is forbidden. It is on the verge of extinction because of its medicinal properties. It is believed that it is effective in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, has a powerful stimulant and restorative properties. Dish of cucumber are popular in Asian cuisine. On the black market in China for one kilogram of dried sea cucumber can be sold to an average of $ 350.

"During the operation, were detained five Russian citizens who, using motor boats and motor boats, diving equipment were illegal extraction of sea cucumber. At the place of detention, they had seized about 80 kilograms of raw and dried sea cucumber, 7 pounds of crab meat," — said in a statement .

It is noted that the detainees were sent catch trepang, obtained independently and bought up the local people in the shop, on the outskirts of the village equipped Rynda. Here, in unsanitary conditions 5 Chinese citizens engaged in its further processing: in vats under a covered canopy trepang cooked and drying was carried out in premises equipped in the back of trucks.

"At the time of the shop was about 1.25 tons of sea cucumber — about 70,000 individuals. Most shellfish have been redesigned. Dried sea cucumbers were packed in polypropylene bags. Over 12 thousand individuals live sea cucumber, a recognized expert viable, border guards returned to sea . damage caused by the actions of poachers state, more than 4.5 million rubles, "said Border Guard.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating. For Chinese citizens working in processing the catch, trials or FMS Primorye Territory. According to the results of the investigation will be made the decision to initiate a criminal case.

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