Bots with a sharp scent in the service of the United States Navy

Robotics is developing quite rapidly. U.S. Navy are going to proceed with the project, which absolutely based on the use of modern robotics. The meaning of the project is that the military sailors will use mechanized group to deliver with the help of ammunition. "Highlight" of the project would be that the boots themselves will choose the desired projectile or missile with an active electrical determine the type of pheromone scent.

Robots with a sharp "scent" in the service of the United States Navy

Those people who are involved in sorting and delivery to the deck of aircraft carrier perfectly know how exhausting it is to work. That's why the U.S. Navy decided to trust her not to people, and bots.

Initially, the South American military plans to implement the so-called exoskeletons. The idea is that over time, special software and hardware systems, which will be equipped with mechanized system will be able to retrieve appropriate ammunition in a literal sense by smell. As an electric 'nose' bot will find ammo, it (ammo) and he also takes on board the plane.

Already there is a similar project, which is designed to introduce bots that define variant of ammunition for special optical markers. These markers are applied as shells with missiles and certain places on deck to which they must be delivered. But the project has stalled due to the fact that the robot often have to work in the criteria for low-light, and therefore qualitatively identify needed ammunition they could only in a small percentage of cases.

The new principle uses of chemical side, and specifically the process of determining the flavor that will ooze out the markers of another type. Bots in this case would be able to work even in pitch darkness.

But here, looming over their difficulties. Scents — ephemeral. For example, if the work is carried out in the criteria of smoke or heavy rain, it will behave like a mechanized "sniffer", while not undertake to say even seasoned with spices. In addition to odor may have overestimated the influence of humidity or exposure to ultraviolet light, which can also disorient bot.

While the U.S. Navy's task is to make the semi-autonomous motorized systems that are able to, including, and under the control of the person to raise from the storage of ammunition on board the ship and deliver them to the appropriate air board. After 20 min. after suitable rocket was a suitable location marker should he lose odor, on the other they are "interested in" other bots and start a repeat performance. Boat with Deep labor on the idea of the sailors should work successfully for about a week — it is at a minimum.

While not specified the timing of this boat-project. According to preliminary data, it can be translated into reality by 2020. The presence of the latest generation of bots will allow to reduce the crew of aircraft carriers.

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