Brief history of alien intervention. Abstract channeling the Founders

The founders of the Earth said: "Your Earth — not the only planet in your system, ET attention. Ten million years ago, there were three planets that harbored life forms — Earth, Mars and Maldek. At that time it was the third, fourth and fifth planets from your sun. Yes, the environment of the fourth and fifth planets was colder and less hospitable than Earth, but it did not stop the aliens from colonizing these worlds. Came to Mars and Maldek were adventurers, willing to endure the harsh winters and barren landscapes of the planets, but in the equatorial regions there were forests and plant life, and in the polar regions of water and ice. "

"At the time, many creatures from across the galaxy observed Earth experiment and its neighboring planets. About 40 million years ago, a group of souls from the Draco star system sent to Earth scout craft, and sent another for, roughly speaking, one or two years before the great flood (about 12 million years ago). Although they did not settle in large numbers, their reports, the Draconian councils put Earth, Mars and Maldek "map" for the exploration and possible conquest.

Another group from Orion (Orion — Constellation containing 122 stars) also noticed the fledgling Earth souls and their compatriots on Mars and Maldek. We of the seventh and twelfth densities were still closely monitoring the Earth experiment, and thanks to our careful observation, these, to put it mildly, a little savory civilizations from Orion and Draco were not able to gain a foothold on Earth. It would be like marching into our laboratory and announcing that they were taking over the experiment.

Around the Earth, we had a protective vibration and things like this did not happen, at least not at that time. However, the same protections were not afforded Mars and Maldek because, frankly, it was not our territory. These planets were a "free for all". And they came, first in small numbers, as scouts and small settlements of the existing communities. As soon as the crossing, began incarnating soul from Orion and Draco. Reptilian form Dragon was hard to adapt to the Mars and Maldek, the preferred method of these worlds was the reincarnation.

The Orion and Draco had a wide variety of conscious beings, and settled on Mars and Maldek were very aggressive and militant in their mentality. The main purpose in coming to your solar system was conquest and exploitation of natural resources. Essentially, anything that would give them power and prestige. "

And soon, on Mars and Maldek war broke out. Due to the proximity of Mars to Earth and scrutiny on our part, the Orions and Draconians were less willing to reincarnate in mass numbers on Mars. They preferred the relative distance Maldek. They began coming in record numbers, and soon Maldekian civilization numbered in the millions of souls. "

"Although Maldekian civilization began over ten million years ago in Earth time, it continued to develop in a series of warring factions. The feud has attracted the attention of both benevolent and malevolent ET groups from different systems of the galaxy, but with the agreement of non-intervention and the protection of free will, the interference in their affairs was minimal.

3200000 years ago about the conflicts escalated and neutron weapons were deployed. It was supposed to be "limited nuclear exchange" between two warring factions. While DNA shower were a mixture of Draconian and Orion containing aggressive genes. In this conflict, each side (although both had similar DNA) wanted to outdo the other, and the weapons became more powerful, and it is made all the more numerous. The first exchange of blows destroyed a few thousand humanoids. The side most damaged rebuild and retaliate, and each time with more and more devastation. Although it seemed accidental discovery, thanks to a rare combination of catalysts, was a powerful neutron bomb. Involved in its creation, scientists did not realize the extent of its destructive capabilities. The weapon was fired at a military base hidden under the surface in enemy territory. This base were hundreds of neutron bombs. Realizing the threat, the enemy tried to prevent the attack. A few hundred weapons were launched and exploded in the sky, creating a brilliant flash. However, they were unable to intercept the oncoming more powerful weapon and it entered the silos of the enemy and simultaneously exploded more than 200 bombs hidden beneath the surface. Combination of the explosion more powerful weapons and 200 conventional nuclear weapons resulted in a powerful earthquake that tore apart the planet Maldek and eventually it into hundreds of pieces, which became the asteroid belt, which is still observed between Mars and Jupiter.

Blast killed more than ten million people within their souls incarnated on Mars. We and other benevolent groups were horrified at what happened. We turned to the Godhead for a greater level of intervention to prevent this happening again. Blast altered the orbits of Mars and Earth, and the electromagnetic radiation left over from the solar system and was seen all over the galaxy. In Alcyone system, home of the Great White Brotherhood, was convened council ruled that from now anywhere in the galaxy would be prevented total destruction of the planet. "

"In the process of the destruction of Maldek Over ten million souls lost their body. Most of these souls moved to Mars, which is in full swing evolved civilization. While souls on Mars were the product of our experimentation, along with groups from many other systems, including Orion and Alpha Draconis. Many times these groups left their mark on your evolutionary spiral, but not to such an extent as to seriously change the pattern of your DNA. "

"Souls from Maldek embodied in the usual way through the crossing with Pleiadeans, Orions and Draconians pedigrees from Mars. Civilization on Mars significantly grew in size until it reached more than 100 million souls. "

"The explosion Maldek change the orbit of Mars and significantly changed the band of electromagnetic frequencies. Climate change, and for the transport of water from the tropics and polar regions in between deserts were built huge channels. As the climate continued to become more and more unstable, the war for the right to water, and, in the end, once again began to produce large quantities of weapons.

Was created form a dirty bomb, using heavy metals (uranium, plutonium, etc.), and soon the war broke out with the use of these weapons. Many souls have been advised by members of the Brotherhood of Light (later the Confederation of Planets), they assisted in the construction of underground shelters, and eventually the underground cities. To prevent a repeat of the experience of Maldek, the Brotherhood of Light and its related organizations neutralized most of the weapons. However, the Martians did holes in the atmosphere and greatly disturb the ecological balance to the extent that most of the living on the surface of life forms became extinct. Those who managed to survive as a result of the atomic bomb went underground and joined those who already lived there. Once underground, they began to restore their civilization to a new level of order. Of the approximately 100 million souls living on the surface, survived only 10 million. "

"In order to prevent further attacks, the underground cities of Mars isolated themselves from the world, scientists were able to create an artificial environment that can support up to 20 million souls. Over time the surface of Mars were raging dust storms, they destroyed most of the cities and their architecture. Has retained a few pyramids and rectangular buildings — enough to remind your scientists that life once existed there — although this information is withheld from the public (meaning pictures of the Martian surface American spacecraft, n. Added).

As for the underground cities, they exist, and are inhabited to this day, but are in the fourth dimension and is not visible to most curious.

Your scientists will open on Mars radioactivity (already opened, there was even a small article in the news), which can not be explained only by natural rock formations are the remnants of the atomic bombings, as some used items have half-lives of millions of years.

What happened to the nearly 90 million souls, not gone underground? Guess what? They moved to Earth and embodied in the melting pot of the Pleiadians, the Orions, the Drakensberg and other groups … "

"Between 500,000 and 200,000 years before Christ on earth gradually evolved life, some soul regained consciousness fourth density and began to learn to live in harmony. In the same period, from across the galaxy come much more souls and Earth truly become a melting pot. However, the largest group still remained Orions arrived with Betelgeuse and Rigel. "

"Groupings Betelgeuse were more peaceful, while the group of Rigel was domineering and aggressive. In those days, the peak population was about 1.5 billion, just before the start of the Great Cycle of approximately 200,000, the year before the new era.

The first Lemurian period began about 200,000 years BC, after one of the great cycle lasted about 25,920 years (on different cycles described in the previous book annotated. Added). This particular cycle as a result of the massive earthquake wiped out about half of its population. Shift electromagnetism got some continents are broken down into pieces and move over each other. With one area of land has been particularly favorable for the development of civilization. To him were drawn mostly peaceful, occur both from the Pleiades, and from Sirius and Orion. Roughly speaking, this continent was the size of Australia and was almost on the same longitude, but a little further north. Most historians do not realize that during the first period of the Lemurian civilization developed on other continents, but the vibration of other continents was not as clean as in Lemuria. Later the first Lemurian civilization was named Mu. At its peak, it was nearly half a billion souls.

Three great cycles later, the vibrations of electromagnetism were that provided yet another disaster, and most of the land masses except Lemuria were flooded. Most of the souls lost in the surrounding continents, incarnated in Lemuria, and the population was rapidly rasti.Eto Lemuria became the second Lemurian period. It lasted, roughly, from 122,000 to 100,000-second period before Christ. At the height of the second Lemurian civilization population again reached almost a billion people. These souls were not focused on the technology, by nature they held tribal way of life, enjoying the music and the rhythm, and lived in the big cities along the coast.

Around 100,000 of the year BC comet Annanutak too close to the earth, its tail brushed the atmosphere, causing a significant cooling. Lemurian people are used to the warm, tropical climate, and a sudden drop in temperature of a few tens of degrees in a few hours, most of them froze. Those who knew what was happening, rushed to escape to the sea. "

"In the end, all the land of Lemuria went under water due to electromagnetic storms and earth strata movement that followed the passage of the comet. Survived only a few, they migrated to what is now South America and Australia, and later to Hawaii and the Philippines.

But what is not disclosed before, and that carefully suppressed on Earth for an unusually close passage of the comet were aliens from Alpha Draconis. Through a series of nuclear explosions in space, they deliberately shifted the comet's orbit closer to Earth to destroy it on the existing civilization. Their plan was as follows: sweep the existing life on Earth, and then land and claim the land for themselves.

In part, they have succeeded, but the landing in their natural bodies on Earth was much more difficult than in the embodiment of millions of already existing bodies. Suffice it to say that due to the unfavorable gravity and the gas mixture in the atmosphere, they had very hard to survive in the reptilian bodies. In the process of adapting their natural bodies mutated and grew in size, and their total number remains small. It was the main period that gave rise to legends of dragons roaming the Earth.

Not going easy sdavtsya, Drakensberg spent long years in the laboratories aboard their spacecraft, combining and changing the various DNA samples as long until you come to a hybrid of man and dragon. The secret was injecting reptilian DNA in cerebellar region of the brain, where it quickly changed the whole system. This part of the man and is today called the reptilian brain. Due to the characteristics of this part stimulate aggressive and adversarial behavior and the syndrome of "fight or flight", designed to protect the body, these characteristics, combined with Orion DNA, became especially strong and dominated throughout the body.

Today, about 80 percent of human DNA Orion origin, or may need to be clarified, a hybrid of the Orion and Draco. What is usually taken to be human nature — the result of the manipulation of DNA, carried Drakensberg and the subsequent incarnation of the Orions.

After the destruction of Lemuria, due to the low survival rate of the Drakensberg, the percentage of people with this reptilian DNA on Earth has remained quite low. Most of the settlements in the world after 100,000 years BC and before Atlantis was founded Councils of Rigel and Betelgeuse Councils of Orion. "

In the period following the death of Lemuria and the beginning of the development of civilization of Atlantis Orions and Draconians have fleets of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. Ships were mostly in the fourth density. Two groups of aliens entered into an agreement based on the selling of technology, instead of continuing the stalled hostility. The founders of the Earth said: "One of the technologies they developed was a high-intensity electromagnetic beam that can destroy the essential fields of the earth. In order to prevent the coming to earth of their enemies, they created a force field using this technology. It not only has brought to a standstill arriving alien groups, but also creates distortions in the fields surrounding the Earth Akasha (Akashic Field — is the energy of the Earth library, fixing all the phenomena and events on earth, n. Added). Although the main library is not in time and space, it is a force field hurt Akasha. " Therefore, the extraction of information from the Akashic at that time was difficult.

The founders of the Earth continues: "Another important factor to consider, and which are not written in your books — quarantine, which came into effect after the destruction of Lemuria. Because the vibration level of people so far down, Earth is no longer considered a safe and desirable place where I could live a peaceful loving groups. To prevent the Orions and Draconians destroy the astral and etheric civilizations on neighboring worlds, and that the lands of the case, the Pleiadians seventh density set (screening) force field. This curtain does not rise up to about 1987. It is now known as the Harmonic Convergence. " (See previous books, n. Added).

However, despite all the difficulties some of the "Pleiadians saw an opportunity to re settle on Earth, and, despite the quarantine, they came to Earth. Also came to Earth Councils of Rigel and Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion, the Earth's atmosphere, they found almost idealroy for reproduction. Now DNA survival was mainly Orion, mixed with energy Sirians Andromedan and Draconian. When beginning to emerge a new civilization, Pleiadian, Orion and Dragon's DNA began to mutate, and new creatures in their evolution have become more learned and intelligent. Thus began the first period of Atlantis. People still had a reptilian brain, the cerebral cortex but also contain a higher Pleiadian qualities and understanding. "

Atlantis was a continent-island. The territory of this Continent occupies a significant part of the Atlantic Ocean approximately from the modern coast of Central America to the shores Pirineyskogo Peninsula and Africa.

The founders of the Earth said: "began to develop a civilization, much like a modern, with all kinds of technological advances. Higher mind Pleiadian combined with the passion and competition of the Drakensberg Orion resulted in a structured world of cars and great architecture. "

"Councils of Rigel, retreated during the instability of the Earth, again expressed an interest in what is happening. In addition to a large number of their souls incarnated in human form, they continued to keep the spacecraft over the continent of Atlantis. Clearly, quarantine is not acted, and land again become a magnet for all kinds of attractive and unattractive individuals.

The first period of Atlantis partially halted at the end of the great cycle of approximately 50,000 BCE. But civilization has been restored, and began the last period of Atlantis. In some of your records contain chenellingovyh seemingly elusive information about Atlantis, including the works of Alice Bailey and Edgar Cayce. We do not duplicate the information. Note, however, that the fall of the second Atlantis occurred about 23,000 years before Christ, through the misuse of crystalline energy generation systems.

Approximately 2,000 years before the end of Atlantis were designed radio-electronic devices that use quartz crystals. They can produce all the energy needed for virtually every sector of their civilization. This energy was so powerful that fascinated unattractive aspects of society. Several scholars have dealt with the Atlantis group Orion orbiting the Earth, trading technology in an attempt to gain superiority. This is now happening between certain factions of the Earth and "gray".

The founders of the Earth said: "Focused on Orion rebels were looking for more and more power to produce energy crystals, they began to look for ways to use crystals as a weapon. They have not had the opportunity to start a war, because one of the particularly strong crystal generators exploded, the continent was flooded with water as most of its inhabitants. Saved only a tiny handful of people who have risen to airships, and even fewer people who went to the sea in ships. Over 90 per cent tried to escape drowning in the sea of large tsunami. Those who took off, flew to where now in Central and South America and Egypt. "

The founders of the Earth said: "If the Atlanteans were balanced emotional and methyl bodies, they would have seen what was happening and would take steps to prevent it. We see how a similar scenario unfolding now in your world. Let's say you are very close to where they were during the destruction of Atlantis. However, there are two important differences. Divine Guidance now allows a large number of souls to awaken to higher states of consciousness, and there are many benevolent ET groups, closely observing the state of affairs in your world, ready to intervene immediately to prevent a global nuclear war. Moreover, these groups have complex technologies, capable to detect exotic and unusual weapons even before it is tested. "

After the destruction of Atlantis alien intervention is stopped and the next stage in the development of human civilization.

The founders of the Earth report that the group Pleiadian seventh density assigned to recover human DNA template "took advantage of the fact that a few survivors of Atlantis were relatively pure in heart and mind. Landed on the territory of Egypt, they were the first to visit Pleiadean advice. Pleiadian group run by a teacher, later named Thoth. " "He was being a shining blue-white light, a humanoid, its color and energy like us in high places. It could lower your vibration enough to communicate directly with the Atlanteans and their descendants, and to teach them the ways of truth, cooperation, harmony and higher mathematics.

As confirmed by many channeled messages, He was the engineer of the Great Pyramid. This facility will serve several purposes, but its original function was the ascension chamber and control over the magnetic grid of the earth. How to correctly identify your "Egyptologists" Pyramid was aligned with Mintaka, the central star of Orion's belt. Mintaka became the central location of an enlightened government Orion pursued after the end of wars between Rigel and Betelgeuse, about 100,000 years ago. Also, Mintaka had geographical and geological significance — point to a central axis point of the precession of the Earth's great cycles, each lasting 25,920 years. Earth's magnetic grid system is correlated with the point of Giza, the former center of it, and it was out of it from different angles assumed sacred ley lines and vortices (see previous books annotated. Added). During the heyday, the Martians also had a similar grid system, created on Mars at the same latitude and longitude, and also created Pleiadeans seventh density. But, alas, it has not reached its potential as a portal of ascension, due to the intervention groups from Orion and Draco.

Another strategic goal of the Great Pyramid was to serve as the entrance portal for a group of Pleiadians, for cleanliness and appearance of the original DNA template would be able to restore the world.

In working with the Atlanteans He and his team have made a significant degree of success. On the banks of the Nile, they built temples of initiation and spiritual evolution. Of the thousands of Atlanteans who made the area their home, a significant percentage involved in efforts to ascend and initiations in the Great Pyramid. "

In the Great Pyramid, there is a whole system of chambers and corridors, which was used Pleiadeans to prepare and conduct initiations. Essentially these initiations were preparing the fourth-density souls to go into fifth density. This process is very clearly presented in the book Drunvalo Melhisideka "Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" Volume 2, and this process is called ascension.

Now there is something similar, but in the entire world Earth and humanity as a whole (see previous book, author's note).

The founders of the Earth report that in the period of time under the Giza plateau, there were (and still exist) underground chambers, which were inhabited by those who ran into the ground during the previous conflict in the world. "Along with these underground groups Pleiadians established the Hall of Records, located at a depth of several thousand meters under the Great Pyramid." This is sort of the entrance portal into our dimension.

To mark the entrance to the portal, another group of Atlantean Egyptians later erected the Sphinx.

The founders of the Earth said: "The pyramid was completed in about 10,500 BCE. Only in the last 20 years, scientists have dated your world right the Great Pyramid. "

"Ancient Egypt flourished up to 7500 years before Christ. The second time, arrived on the scene of the seventh density Sirian star system Sirius B and began to interfere with the work of Thoth and his group. All Christian, Jewish and Greek legends and myths describe Syrian.

Although these ET factions had great technological and psychic power, they do not satisfactorily solved their problems with the ego, and, as a result, were blinded by the worship and praise of their wards. In other words, to quote a popular expression, they became the "guru." At first it was subtle. They demonstrated their miraculous powers to those who did not have a spiritual understanding to see through the mystery. As they mingled and interbred, the DNA of descendants became more and more polluted with their quality selfish messianism. Mystery schools began to move in obedience and dedication Sirian gods. "

It should be noted that while the Sirians can live in the world's climate and physically interact with people. Sometimes Sirian guru for the management of human civilization became pharaohs. For example, the pharaoh Akhenaten, who forbade the Egyptians worshiped many gods and introduced a religion of one God — the Sun. Did not like the priests, who have little power was selected. As a result of Akhenaten and his family had been destroyed by the priests.

Confirmation that the family of Akhenaten was an alien found in the book Drunvalo Melhisideka "Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life", which shows pictures of the ancient statues of Akhenaten, his wife Nefertiti and their daughters. These sculptures are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Affects the appearance of these creatures (head shape, shape, ears, etc.) The photo shows the queen Nefertiti, her daughter and Syrian skull.

Brief history of alien vmeshatelstva.Referat channeling the Founders
Nefertiti and her daughter

Brief history of alien vmeshatelstva.Referat channeling the Founders
Syrian skull

Here is what the Earth report Founders of Biblical teachings, which for some is the absolute truth: "In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, you can read stories that describe the genocide, torture, war, control and manipulation that occur due to corruption of Jehovah. God of the Old Testament was Sirianinom seventh density. Those who are familiar with the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, but not willing to accept the assumption that he was a selfish Syrian, should be considered the result of Jehovah's presence on earth. " "Old Testament — one of the bloodiest ever written and distorted books. Is a highly evolved enlightened being will play one race against the other? Is not it will require blind obedience to his principles? Does it exalt one over the other? In the universe of God there is no "elite" or "elite". Each elected and created in pure love and purity. Everyone has the same value in the eyes of God, and this value is infinite. Scientists to study the Bible, Jewish and Christian clerics your world should seek to basics and examine the results of ancient teachings. Do they contribute to the peace and development of awareness, or preach division and conflict? We, the Founders, seldom preach, but this situation is too important to ignore. "

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