Brimstone missile against Iranian speedboats

June 25, 2012-the year British fighter Tornado Brimstone fired a missile at a small speedboat armed boat and successfully hit the target. Rocket Brimstone has used its own radar to track the target. The ability of the rocket that implement the principle of "fire-and-forgotten" allow aircraft to operate outside the affected area at least some of these small boats guns and allow them to quickly and harmless to kill a lot of these high-speed torpedo boats. It's not surprisingly because the Brimstone missile was the most outstanding class "air-land", used during the Libya campaign last year, and for the most part it has been used for the same reasons.

English пятидесятипятикилограммовая Brimstone missile initially developed as a refreshed version of the American Hellfire. Ultimately Brimstone inherited from Hellfire only the overall shape. Weighing about the same as the Hellfire (48.5 kg), Brimstone can be applied to high-speed vehicles (fighter-bombers), not only as a Hellfire from helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. The aircraft can carry several such light missiles. They are perfectly suited for the destruction of small objects, including a ton to be destroyed without causing collateral damage to nearby civilian persons or his troops. Specifically, it made Brimstone so popular in Libya.

One of the main causes of success Brimstone is its amazing guidance system. Four years back Britain added a dual-mode (radar and laser) seeker to Brimstone. Initially, Brimstone was to be a complete likeness of the American Hellfire, curb British GOS (small radar millimeter range), and the opportunity to own a start-up with the aircraft. Brimstone got a chance to show their effectiveness only in Afghanistan and Libya. The performance properties of Brimstone were particularly impressive in Libya, which is why the missile was used so often. After that, the Americans and the French are also interested in the application of the rocket as a very effective tool for equipping antiavtomobilnogo own jet fighter-bombers.

Hellfire guided missile was developed three decades back as a helicopter anti-tank weapon, but it was also very useful in the fight against enemy infantry hiding in buildings and caves. Later Hellfire was perfect tool to use on large UAVs. Segodnyaschy version has a firing range of eight kilometers, while Brimstone has a firing range of 12 km.

The radar seeker Brimstone allows use rocket on the principle of "fire and forgotten." The laser seeker is more accurate (up to a meter or two from the aiming point). There is a special sling 3 missiles Brimstone (instead of one large missiles) under jet fighter planes.

Devyatikilogrammovaya Brimstone warhead capable of killing the vehicle, without causing casualties in the middle of the civilian population. British fighter pilots have gained enough great success in winding up low-altitude rockets separate mc Brimstone. Carrying the 10's Brimstones, fighter-bomber can just apply them all in a single flight, with all this, always staying out of range air defense actions.

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