By placing a military base in Ukraine UN Yanukovych is trying to look and feel the world

By placing a military base in Ukraine UN Yanukovych is trying to please the worldThe fact that next year Ukraine will earn UN military base, shows that the Ukrainian power wishes catch smb. 's fancy international society. Such an outlook expressed director of international institutions' Democracy Sergey Taran told GolosUA in the comments.

As the expert noted, at this point, control of the country was practically in international isolation.

"It will be something ugly, if the center of the first term Yanukovych gets into international isolation. Because it is necessary to correct the situation, "- he singled out.

S. Taran said that the government, namely, the President at the moment need to be very active on the international level.
"Engage in peacekeeping missions — is not an easy task and not always popular in his country. But Yanukovych is trying to do a little better than his own style in the eyes of international society, power wishes catch smb. 's fancy international society and therefore goes to the initiative, which is not expected from it, "- said the expert.

Ukrainians, according to S. Taran, more or less relaxed relate to peacekeeping missions. This topic expert said, "warm up" only policy.

Recall Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that International regional center for the UN peacekeeping force will work in Ukraine since 2013. As you know, constantly Ukrainian military are participating in NATO and the UN in the 1990's.

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