Canceled charter flight from Minsk to Egipet

The correspondent of "Liberty" in the directory service reported the national airline "Belavia". The plane was supposed to go to Hurghada.

On February 1st flight to Hurghada is not canceled, reported in "Belavia".

In the tourist company "TEZ TOUR" in Minsk, said that the company is in talks with "Belavia". The company's website contains information of the Belarusian Ministry Foreign Affairs. It is reported that "in view of the political situation in Egypt, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry recommends tourists to refrain from visiting this country until complete normalization of the situation. "

The site also contains information that, in connection with the situation in Egypt, "all new applications in the database made for tours to this country, transferred to the status of a "waiting list" for an indefinite period. "

How many in Egypt Belarusian tourists, travel agencies are still being determined.

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