Carrier rocket Proton did not take off because of problems found

Employees Federal Space Agency, which have suffered in the near future some big setbacks, decided to play it safe. Scheduled for December 26 launch rocket "Proton-M "has been postponed. Premise was named the trouble is a complex control circuit devices"Breeze-M "- the upper stage rocket. This error was the prerequisite of the tragedy of" Proton "in August of this year.

"December 26, during the preliminary work for the launch rocket gallakticheskogo destiny," Proton-M "curb the upper stage"Breeze-M "found fault complex control circuit devices" Breeze. "Vladimir Popovkin, Roscosmos control, it was decided to move start missiles at those. reasons "- reports gallakticheskoe Office.

Now rocket-media with the trigger is released. Carrying out this operation is scheduled for December 27. It is not known date of the new start-up — it will be determined after the fault and carry out repeated tests.

RIA "Announcements" reports that "Proton-M "was to deliver to the orbit of SES-4 — Dutch satellite communications intended for SES WORLD SKIES (local mobile operator). Satellite broadcasting would apply to areas of North and South America, Europe, West Africa and the Middle East.

In the Russian Space Agency at the end of August, it was decided to suspend the launch of "Proton". The main prerequisite for this was the poor start "Express-AM4" — a new communications satellite. But after extensive testing the ban was lifted.

Recall that the incident took place on August 18. Then the "Proton-M" carrying on board satellite "Express-AM4" was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Machine made, together with the spices of Europe was designed for digital television. Communication with the satellite soon after the start was lost. As a result, the inspection found that the satellite is brought below the calculated orbit in connection with which it was inoperable.

The premise of the tragedy of "Express-AM4" as established professionals Roscosmos later, were flying bugs in the program block "Breeze-M", leading to "incorrect orientation of the upper stage and, as a consequence, the removal of the" Express-AM4 "an unplanned orbit."

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