Channeling: 05. 12. 2012

12/05/12 A message from Lord Shiva

I AM the Lord Shiva! Hello, all! Another thread will be with me! I am glad to welcome you again!
Let's talk today about how you create divine regularity, and that's it. You are living in your busy world, there is the notion of power, management of human society. Do you, in general, it is clear that for the harmonious, orderly existence, a certain structure of governance.
In ancient times, the times of Vedic culture, your human society was as close to the divine form of government regularity. Stood at the head of the society's leaders with high personal qualities, hearing God and do His will. They carried on the management of the company to the Canons of the Universe.
During the retreat of man from God, from his canon, management structure transformations — came monarchy, aristocracy, democracy. The more people plunged into a state of neglect of the Canons of the Universe, the worse management, more separated from God. The result was that you have — quite Undivine regularity. But it can not take a single act, and replaced by the Divine!
All the people on the state and society. Form of government always reflect the spiritual condition of the people, society people. If society is in a state of disharmony, you can not manage it on the basis of God's love, through the conscience and unity. You need to understand that the change regularity happens only when you change, when your priority in life will be the divine canons of the Universe, not the laws that you yourself has been written for the sake of their passions and interests of Mammon.
Only a change in the internal state of the people allows the manifestation of divine regularity in which management is conducted by the people, hearing God and not living their own interests and personal gain and interest and love of God to all people. And they themselves are not able to manage your company for as long as you do not will find understanding and support. As long as you will not have the true catholicity, not evil it appears, can not be built on the land of the true divine regularity.
Now you read my words, and you have a skepticism born in my heart — do you think that it would be impossible ever. I agree, unless you consider the processes that go into the space through which changes everything and you, in particular, and the terms of your existence. Without God, you can not do this. But with God all things are possible! Admit that thought in your mind, move away from the stereotypes have your past life in the fifth race.
We see the future, and it is you perfectly! Therefore away with doubt and long live the change! Everything is determined by your consciousness, and your light, the divine life in your hands. Change each in itself, in the end get the changes society is willing to live a different life, not a life of physical and spiritual slaves.
You all, in essence — Creators can create the structure of your organization, not only society, but the space itself. Modified form, adjusting to the content. Changed you — and change management form your society. No need for a bloody revolution, overthrow the government, redistribution of the world. All this — the human approach, in essence, far from the divine governance of the universe.
Until you see what can help you to change the society to the state, in which the alignment of the divine will of regularity, but I assure you that the space will help you and your change within yourself obezpechit formation of the regularity, which will be a reflection of your internal state.
Every day you get closer to these events, let it in his mind, and not be an obstacle to the manifestation of this.
I AM the Lord Shiva, I was with you and give your energies of the New World! Ohms.

12/05/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM. Hello, people! Our dear people who want to live my Canons of the Universe in the world of love and light.
Thought is material, and if you have some thoughts some time, the space itself will begin to change, what to say about yourself. You get what you want, what your thoughts are configured. Like ancient people in the management of the king — got it, like good governance, from your point of view, part of the community — and got it. Like democracy — you have what you wanted. Do you want to control the Divine Canons — I will give you what you want, what truly desire.
All will be manifest, and even more so during the transition to the higher dimension of the space force of your thoughts will be enhanced many times, but she even now powerful enough to form that will allow you to build a harmonious society in accordance with the Canons of the Universe. Wish — get.

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