Channeling: flow 01. 12. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

12/01/12 A message from the Lord Sanat Kumara!

I AM the Lord Sanat Kumara! Welcome, dear friends!
I AM come to the stream for an important message. My mission today means a new stage of our relationship. What is their originality and how it manifested?
I have been instructed to tell you about the secret of the heavens. Do not be surprised the information in this thread. We are the same as you, but with great knowledge and experience of life in the Universe. We also characterized by errors, failures, errors, defects. Everything is going to the evolution. None of us perfection, as the Absolute, but we aspire to be.
You going today for us, we show the way, and share all that we do. Our relationship grew so strong, and it was time to go to work together on your Earth. Dense plan is ready for change, and we are together with you have to build your new world. It will take years of hard work, but together we will make an earthly paradise.
I AM come and responsibly declare to you on the joint work with you. We — the Hierarchy of Light, the Ascended Masters and all the forces of light stretched out your arms and support in this difficult time of change. (BlagoDaryu!)
At this stage of our partnership will be of a recommendatory nature of teacher and mentor. I was honored to be among them. To us all will be based on the work of the thought and energies. It's time to build yourself and your peace. Divine regularity builds slowly and has a collective fishing, so the first step, we will unite you in a monolithic people of the Spirit.
For those who doubt us, not with us on the road. Now is the time for action, not doubt and reassurance. Your life today is full of events and only "blind" in the past the illusions of people do not notice them. We are not authorized to offer proof that we have made in a tightly run.
Our main direction for today — the vector and go to change your society. And here requires our joint work, which will bear fruit in the future. We will build you an example of a new relationship and start with the small islands of your Holy Russia. Such islands — sprouts new world will be created by you, with our help everywhere where it is possible to manifest in the present.
Your activity and enthusiasm are welcome, but must be within the Canons of eternity and beyond our control. Freedom of action is good when it burns the soul inspired. However, we must remember the responsibility. The first steps of your endeavors will be strictly according to our recommendations with no impact on your free will.
There is no limit to your dreams, create, create, but consulting with us. When the first germ of the manifest of Holy Russia, then the rest of it will be an example and an indicator for the joint creation.
You have a lot to learn, beloved. Out of this world experience, that we decided to offer you. Your souls have created a version of the new world in the higher plane. Now, with our help and together will show one of them in a tightly run. Their willingness to act you showed on Ecumenical Council, and we decided to move on to the joint business.
Collective work ahead, and we will need the co-creators of the pioneers who are willing to devote his life to the soul for the sake of others. I want to warn all the responsibility that you have to go. Your talents will be revealed during the work for the benefit of all. Again, I repeat once again, the instructions do not give, we instruct and advise, and manage your country's fate and your destiny.
Subject to errors and mistakes, from which no one is safe. Life — an experiment, and you need to make all his talent and love for everything to get a positive result. Many of you have prepared yourself to such creations. It is our task to feel the strength and power of your Being to action in this area. Of you showed such personality and lead others along.
So proklyunetsya sprout from a seed planted by us. We have been looked after sowing, and for its growth takes together, beloved creators. I have been instructed to lead you through this vector paths, instruct, train, advise. (BlagoDaryu!) Our path lies with you through the trials, ridicule, disbelief, pessimism, tricks and illusions of power Thick plan past. There is no easy road on the way home.
Mountain path high and tight, and the difficulties tempered spirit. I'd love to walk with you on the road together. Unity of thought will give us strength for Creatures. Holding hands, friends, and the Way of Light illuminate your soul!
I AM Sanat Kumara! OM!

12/01/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello!
Rounding out the flow of our energies for you. Today the message from the Lord Sanat Kumara, we open for you, My children, the cycle of flow changes and creation of your earthly life.
We are pleased to work closely with you on all the issues of your life. Our recommendations are instructive that you are laying a foundation to further apply their creativity and skills. Your responsibility grows day by day, and the demand from you increases.
To me you are all equal, but judging by your works, labor and the fruits of them. What fruit is the result, so is the reward from me to you. Everyone is free to come at the call of the soul and to the extent possible. We welcome the pure souls and minds for good, but will sharply curb abuses its powers.
Divine regularity built in all, and there is no place for her misstatement. Here you without our advice is indispensable. Listen to your higher 'I' and you will receive them. So it's a time when you need a contact communication with the Subtle world. Who has it, he walks with us in the foot, and who did not feel their intuition, read the Epistles, look for my tips and signs to you, follow the beacon of you. No other way.
Your training goes to another level. Should rebuild their lives studying the lessons of the present and future recommendations. No time to fuss, there is a measured plan, go according to it.
I am pleased to discuss with you our business. You have increased the awareness that there are no barriers to your creativity, and I expect it from you. Created and new world for yourself!

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