Channeling: How to pass on the Path of Ascension

Humanity has come to a very important point, which is connected with the fact that all of you are standing at the last line where there are two mutually exclusive actions: either you are involved in the overall process of the Ascension, which will take your land, or stay in the old energy and you have to go to other planets through physical death. This choice only you can make, no one else can help you make any decision. You'll have to make that choice very soon, because the events are developing rapidly.

I'm talking about climate change and migration of climate zones, which are observed now. They will change your world beyond recognition. Also, the natural disasters that continue to grow, will help to ensure that everything that you see at the moment, will be the fact that you can not even imagine. Your Earth changes not only its orientation in space, which is already fixed by scientists from many countries and posted on the Internet as the latest data NASA, but also, and more importantly for you, change the frequency of oscillation of the magnetic grid of the earth. This is the frequency that previously fixed in the range of 7.6 Hz, is now 300 Hz. For you, this means that your body needs to accelerate itself to this amplitude. It has to completely rebuild all of its internal processes and to live at this pace all the time. You have no choice. Also, this means that all you have done before with a certain speed, can not move the same way if you do not increase this rate.

It is time for you, in which you will not be able to operate as it did before. Your perception of time is very different. Do you now think that in days not 24 hours as before, and the 16 — and this perception will change so that soon you will be in front of an unprecedented fact in his life — as you will see, in the real sense, time becomes. This you said your ancient prophets, and it says in the Mayan calendar, as of the moment of the Great Shift. Maya created this calendar is the most accurate system of calculation that has ever been present on Earth for focusing on it, you understand exactly where you are as humanity. At the moment you are at the point that they have a calendar marked as the time compression of time to zero. This point in your time span means the next few years. Compressed to your perception of time will occur in 2012. For you have come what the Maya said as of the end of the Great God and Outbreath followed Inhale when everything will be compressed to the minimum limits and, in the end, to reach such a density that will be great, but the size of it will be the minimum that you can not even imagine them.

What question would take place in parallel with the fact that you know how great transition. All these events will take place at the same time, you, if you choose, will be taking part in them on the physical plane. For you, these changes will take place in such a way that you can not stay away, even if I really wanted it.

All souls who incarnated on Earth right now, it is possible to ascend with her. To do this, first of all, you need to decide on the Ascension. Also, the necessary condition is to open the heart chakra — because the vibration of love — is the main vibration that will be present in the New Earth after Ascension. Anything that vibrates is below this threshold will not be able to make a quantum leap. Another condition is the ability to drop the veil that separates the world in which you are located, and the House, where you all came. This ability is expressed, above all, in your communication with your Higher Self and other top light forces. You should immediately establish a strong relationship with your Higher Self, which will then prompt and guide you.

These three are the most important to overcome the energy barrier and the Ascension with the Earth. You must realize that you have no time to think, as the events leading to these changes have already started, and stop them nothing and no one could.

These processes are inevitable since, as humanity, as a consciousness, and turned to the Creator for help and asking for support in the changes that are designed to cleanse the earth of all that is below the threshold of vibration to which the earth is moving in its ascension. This assistance is now humanity in many ways. This is the energy of the Ascended Masters, which is in close proximity to the Earth — and it can be used by any interested person to get help from them. Also, this applies to a whole new energy that filled the space around the earth, from the nineties. This, of course, and that now everyone who follows the path of development, can by the Lords of Karma to erase their karmic debts and start living, as you say, with a clean slate. This option is provided to humanity for the first time of its development, as the Divine Grace of the Creator and assistance in response to a request for a collective human consciousness. Also, for all is an unprecedented opportunity to ascend to the Earth in the higher vibrations, without leaving the physical body and avoiding physical death. Such permission is received from the Creator humanity in response to the request of the collective public consciousness — so humanity has few tools to completely change your life. Everyone can use them and ascend to the higher vibration with the Earth.

For those who want to stay in the old energy, it's time to prepare for withdrawal from the body of the planet and the ability to translate into other parts of the galaxy, the planets, whose vibrational level will match their energy. For the souls who choose to leave the planet Earth, the moment of the Ascension will be postponed for many millions of years. Also, they will go through the steps of consciousness a very long way to go.

The question of the resolution is for your mind insuperable obstacle. He allows to happen only to what he believes. If he believes that he has the opportunity to be healed using only your drugs, how much would the Creator did not send you healing through prayer, you will not get it. If your mind believes that life is just a set of mechanical and sequence of events, then no divine miracle possible. This applies to any way of thinking of any man, if he did not give himself permission Faith. If you, even for a second, to see my life as an outside observer, you would understand much of what is in the normal state is to you an unsolved mystery. This is, first and foremost, for the knowledge of who you really are. Your mind stubbornly insists to you that you are a physical body, which has a name, and a number of specific circumstances, such as date of birth and date of your physical death. But your guardian persistently makes you realize that your coming into this world, your whole life on this plane, and even more, your care, not only have the purpose, but, strange as it may seem to you, as you planned but only between your incarnations.

You are actively involved in the planning of that period of passing the physical, which you call life. You have planned is all the key moments in your lifetime, and was called "Great Game on the planet Earth." You eagerly awaited the opportunity to put here. Since, the emotions and the feelings that you experience during the game, the range of feelings, including a full range from joy to tragedy, is not available to you in other dimensions. You are so eager to come here again to plunge again in happiness and despair, to feel, as you say, really alive. Also, you really entails the ability to play the game that you've already created, but which do not have the slightest idea behind the veil firmly hiding from you not only knowledge of the game, but also the knowledge of who you really are . This screen is designed so that you not only do not understand what the creator of your life, but do not see the connection between the events and the people who surround you.

Your participation in this game was very appealing to you while you are at home. You seemed very amusing that you meet your favorite friends in the guise of enemies and get to know each other. Also, you are very glad, when we are at home, you know that whatever you come up with yourself, has the same origin as the illusion of time, which in reality does not exist. And you are the creators of the game, and the Contractor in its lead role, but the veil prevents you see it. You can not even imagine that everything you think and feel, while in physical embodiment, is a very well-organized play, behind which you see, and after his return home.

You like creatures, who took physical form, which is a spirit more than you can imagine. You are, in fact, the Spirit, who at the time took the physical form, called the body. You can if you want, be as the Creator, which is your Heavenly Father, as they say in your Scriptures. You, too, can fully understand that you are His child, even more than you are the child of his natural parents! This knowledge will give you complete relief from addiction, you are experiencing the material world. If you will be able to realize these, at first glance, a very simple truth, your life in the physical body changes completely. You will no longer be afraid of how it is done now, any change, because they are designed exclusively for your movement to the light. You, too, will no longer be afraid of changes in your physical condition, or what you call death. And you will refer to it as to what it actually is — just a transition from one state to another. When you realize that what you call death is the liberation of your spirit free in their divine nature and not subject to the law of dying (which you come up with your own) — you totally change your perception, not only at the time of withdrawal from the plan, but in a moment of life in it. Although, treatment with this plan is, just, the most important point for you, not the time of birth in a physical form, as you might think. You have to completely rethink its approach to these issues, because, without it you will not be able to rethink move on.

What is, in fact, the Ascension? This phase will take place as follows: your vibration will grow rapidly — it will look as if you have started to rise the temperature of the body and you start to feel the intense heat. But if you measure your temperature with a thermometer, it is, on the contrary, will be reduced to very low levels, which is practically at the bottom of your devices, called sensors. This will be the last from several days to several weeks, depending on the characteristics of the physical body and certain karmic reasons responsible for the Ascension. These processes will take place at the same time all the inhabitants of planet Earth. In some people they will be virtually painless and very fast, and for others it takes more time and effort. After the vibration will be increased up to a certain level, corresponding to the one in which the Earth, this process will stop, and your physical body will be in some strange position for himself. It will be interesting in that you can be more easy — I mean, your weight will not be felt by you as tight as it was before. You can easily move on the ground, less effort than was required previously. Also, you are surprised to find that very clearly and feel the energy around you. You can see the spectrum that was previously hidden from your eyes. I have already mentioned this in one of his messages — for you the world will shine with new colors and flowers that are not available earlier. Also, you will become familiar telepathic communication — you can receive messages from each other at any distance, you only have to just tune in the desired person. In this way, all of your senses and faculties will undergo radical changes. Following these changes, your new life will be like your ancient legends, in which people have the features and capabilities of the Gods — and these gods will you.

New round of evolution, which will begin for you from now on, will be quite different from anything that had gone before. In it, you will begin to build your golden age of human civilization. And this century will bring you unparalleled opportunities to develop their own spirit and gaining this divine harmony, while you still will be in human bodies. This world that you will be on your right which you proclaimed at the end of the twentieth century.

I also want to talk a little bit about how to change your Gaia after the Ascension. It is amazingly beautiful and green planet. From Her beauty you'll be ecstatic, because now you have a very few of these pristine places that remind you of what it will be after all of the above events. Among them: the majestic Andes, with their inaccessible, colorful forests, islands of Oceania, or, your famous forests in Indonesia. All of these pieces of nature — only a faint outline of the pristine beauty that will surround you in the world. Your Earth is truly special and beautiful, because it is prepared for the role of the so-called "living library" for the entire universe. In it, as in your normal library instead of books will be stored samples of all life — as the best of all that has ever been created. There will be presented as different species of plants, animals and other species of flora and fauna, as well as the best examples of crystals and minerals that exist in the universe. This is the "complete works", as you put it, but only in a living form. And your world will be visiting the representatives of other civilizations and worlds, to become familiar with your best samples for possible use at home. It will be so great that you will be able not only to live in such great conditions, but sharing it with those who need it.

You will no longer need clothes and food as it does now, because your body will become a semi-essential, and they will not suffer so much from the cold or heat, as it is now. You will not need so many clothes for them. Your height and weight, respectively, will change, and you'll be a few taller and not as severe as it is now. You will not need mobile phones and the Internet, because you will have telepathy and the ability to communicate with any representatives of other civilizations in their language, but not with words, but mentally. You will not need more than your house and apartment, because you'll be able to materialize what you want to live. And you live in a beautiful and wonderful structures built on your plan, and execute the power of your thoughts.

I also want to tell you, dear ones, that all who chose ascension with Earth, will perform certain functions to oversee it. And your life will be in such service to it, and it will be your main job. You will, in one way or another, involved in the maintenance of a balance and a defined mixture of life and development of all living creatures that inhabit your Gaia. You'll Rangers and New Miracle of the Earth — and this will be your primary concern, and the main purpose of your life on it. And you'll not only be full participants in this fairy tale, but also the ones who will create new types of animals and plants.

Your device — I mean, the physiological structure of the body — completely changed. And you do not need as much food as they are now, for the maintenance of life in it. You can eat some divine energy, or, as you call it prana — and it will give you the opportunity to do a very long time without physical food. This ability will open in the next few years, and it will be much easier to endure a prolonged lack of food in the form in which you take it now. Also, from your organism will take many physical diseases — they are already moribund his last, as you put it, today. And you will be so easy without them, you will not be aware of your physical body as you remember about it now — and it would be very fresh and pleasant sensation. Still, you absolutely forget that so much time should be given to maintenance of the body. I mean all of the points from his daily cleaning and washing, and ending with the fact that it can be extremely hot, or, conversely, over-chilled, and this is his very visible and sometimes even fatal, as you like to express . All it will take, because your new body will comprise half of pure energy, and for them there is no danger that is dangerous to entirely physical bodies. You will be able to manage them better, and they will not be so capricious and so prone to disease and destruction, as your present body.

They will not only be more ethereal, but will look a little different. Your average height increase of up to two meters, and with it you'll be able to feel comfortable in the New Earth. You do not have to, as before, to invent all sorts of ways to make someone looked up, and someone — below. And the need, especially for women wearing high heels, will disappear altogether. And you do not need to show off in different clothes to show their superiority, or, their status, because the main and very visible difference between you will be the color of your energy. It will not be, as before, to hide under their true beauty of clothes, as you say, the person, because the color of your energy body clearly explain who you are and what you think that, or any other reason. Therefore, you now need to carefully treat your thoughts and emotions — you can not hide anything. And I encourage you, dear ones, to closely monitor everything that you keep in your head to think about or to power. I also urge you now to start to practice your energy body, that it is possible with a larger reservoir of divine energy. And this training will be in the fact that the more time you focus on the divine manifestation — the purer and stronger your energy body.


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