Channeling: MESSAGE FROM Kryon 05. 09. 12. For whom does the future hold?

Welcome you, dear, this amazing Planet of Free Choice! I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service. We, your family home, you embrace the energy of love and respect. We're getting closer, Our Destiny become more united, powerful. How wonderful, darling …

Now at the moment, we will talk about the following … How often do you ask the question: "In what country, what kind of people for the future of the planet, who are responsible Universal Enlightenment?"

The future does not depend on the country name. The point is, what country FIRST MEET mosaic with the word "unity". Yes, many people at the time is now bet on Russia, that it would be a wise and the primary source of peacefulness and forgiveness, unity, first of all, to the people.

But … Note: Many of you went to the other extreme — the identification with the rituals of the past, with the energies that were relevant at the time. The revival of Russia — is not only a tribute to the rituals and traditions, but that if you can behold in these rituals and TRADITIONS WAY TO WISDOM — for unity with all that exists — to nature, to all mankind (not divisible on the right and wrong), with planets . The fact that it is in Russia preserved these treasures — traditions that teach that Nature — LIVE. Now you need to go to the next step — to try in my mind to find what unites all nations, nationalities and races.

If you are in these traditions will only see that it is your "truth" and for her to "fight" — you even destroy the harmony of the country on which entrusted much (though, as in all countries, without exception) — Beginning of the World and association. Therefore tradition, leading to controversy, condemnation and anti — dead to the human mind. Tradition, you know not mind (to evaluate, argue, compare and criticize), and the heart, connecting with all the heart of the world — it is a tradition of truth.

The choice is up to you, Russia!

You already know that all religions lead to the search for love in all religions contain some truth. This mosaic you have already begun to gather. So whether you want to collect all the paintings of the world? The future is so, can you start to become a peacemaker in the mind, and then in action.

Do you think that your government is building the future? We have already said that the board reflect the realization PEOPLE. This powerful mirror you, for you! If the majority of Russians will be Peacemakers, the work, so to speak, the amplification of Mindfulness: Your government will reflect your peace projects. While you are fighting with the government and other countries — you trample on the spot or to run on the same karmic circle of confrontation. All your human history — a history of conflict. Look in your soul Peace and learn how to work with images and intentions (remember that in the beginning was the Word, it is said of Intent Reality Creation). This is the most powerful and effective method of Change to the World!

Do not turn your pride for the country to pride, that you become aggressive. Look in your culture Traditions Truth, to know their heart. And the future, as a mirror of your awareness of the Present, now in your hands!

Russia, wake up from the dream to the reality of a world war! World, awake!

Kryon, the Family of Light.

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