Channeling. The calm before the storm? Natalie Nyquist

Dear Father, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael, I want to know what is going on in the higher plane on the planet, and in particular, in the human body? I think that somehow calmed down and it was in some kind of order.

Dear Goddess! Now the outside is really all starts to calm down, tuning in to the inner man. All lightbearers turn inward, remaining nominally in the third dimension, but in fact, they are already out of the plan actually associated with the physical. You sprout on, increasingly connecting with the higher self and grow in their higher aspects. You may have noticed that you really ceased really care, you unconcerned about her problems. It's because you look at it more often than not geared and without conflicting. Not very much you pay attention to the living conditions, often being somewhere inside, but inside all is quiet.

The reality of many people is the acceleration (higher vibration), so all the faster the transition to the next reality, and the number of starts to really move into a new quality.

You do become more transparent …

In what sense?

Permeable to the energies that are in abundance down to the earth for the overall transformation.

The amount of energy increases, but the people do not suffer more than what it was before. Some channeling claimed, and still claim that the new energy almost fatal to people who are not going spiritual path. Is this true?

Of course not, a new energy enlightens people, they are less aggressive and more peaceful. Not everywhere is a complete world, but it goes to the fact that once people become more peaceful and realize that wars do not get that the world is much more beneficial to all, rather than military conflict.

Hence, a new energy is harmless and even beneficial for all?

Not yet come a time when the energy will be very high. People gradually connect all to the new and the new conditions. Do you feel that you love me?

Yes, of course. Not to say that nothing has changed, but it is difficult to characterize these changes. Probably become more love around me … But at the same time, if we gradually change the temperature of the body, then the body would eventually broke. What happens inside the cells, and how the new energy affect us?

The impact on you?

I think — no way. I do not notice any permanent changes, growing or wavy. I do not get worse, do not have those symptoms, which warned our high channels — not cold in the chest does not rise pressure, breathe easy, no dizziness, etc. Maybe they were describing their ailments and write them a manifestation of symptoms of transition and transformation?

You are well cleaned and prepared.

And Vladimir? He is also well cleaned? He also has no physical impairments, all as before, and even better than before.

Do not expect deterioration. All diseases come when something breaks down in the body. You do not yet have such specific violations, celebrate it.

What happens inside cells?

Cells transformed gradually, not all at once. Begins a new metabolism associated with cell powered light. You often do not want to eat, especially after meditation.

Yes, nourishing light.

This is starting to activate a special form of food, it is all activated not only in the light-bearers, but people just do not notice it.

How would you describe the time is now, what is happening and what to look for?

What's in your heart?

It is set on perception, listens and waits for something, although I think that I did not think about the transition. I do not whether it is calm before the storm?

No, not at all. More joyful time is coming, and soon you will be able to witness and record the changes in humans. Stay alert and attuned to subtle changes. In any case do not expect disasters and do not be afraid of the future. All will be well.

There were also predictions that will melt glaciers and the axis of the Earth turns. What can you say now?

My daughter, you see that the glaciers did not melt, and the axis of the Earth does not turn over. Wait and see. Everything is happening before your eyes, just be carefully and draw conclusions herself. Do not try to refute all the prophets, and prophesied herself. Things change in the world, and we remain with you, accompanying you in this crucial moment. We want you to accelerate and enlightenment!

Thank you, my dear Master. The whole world is waiting for a miracle, but we do not understand it, because it is not manifested in the third dimension and physically. I think that everything will continue as it was, without any changes.

Watch and see what happens.

Source School of Sanat Kumara

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