Channeling: The flow of 07. 12. 2012

12/07/12 A message from the Lord Sanat Kumara!

I AM the Lord Sanat Kumara! Welcome, dear friends!
I AM come to you with the energies of a new day. Your life is changing daily. We welcome your growth and the rapid developments that occur throughout. Only unbelief prevents people to be indifferent to the surrounding space.
Today let's talk about the day to come. Maybe many of you have thought of the subtle planes of your ascension, which is scheduled for the current month of December. We lifted the veil to prepare a few of you to this important step for everyone.
Your life was subject matter, it is now reborn in the Spirit. The body remains without any change except the process of purification, food. To each of you who are ready to go climbing in the Spirit, are given such an opportunity today for the first time in the world, without leaving the life of the material world. Therefore our advice you need. (BlagoDaryu!)
We will show you on the important thing to be considered when preparing for such an important event. You previously gave instructions to work with an inside. Many people still do not fully understand what was going on. I will try to briefly explain the time work on yourself.
All have always been taught to push off from the reality of life that is palpable. Today, however, you need to change your training to the abstract. On the contrary training on what you were taught at school, at university, in the Academy and throughout your life. You need to look inside the invisible himself. Who you are, what you people who become, what has been achieved, and if all of the questions you will get the material for themselves the answers, then you live in vain. Yes, you have all of life on Earth, but you forget why you came here, in this life, in this incarnation.
Today is a historic time, and you all have been carefully selected for life on Earth, so the foundation laid in your lifetime. Who understood not only the desire to live in abundance of material goods, but also to prove himself as a person, the higher you go in the Spirit. To err is human, but not for life. There comes a time and hour of his insights and analysis of lived through years.
When your essence starts to think and draw conclusions about their mistakes in life, then a period of self-knowledge. And the man asks himself, "Who am I? Why am I here? '. That is the basis of your gaze inward. It takes years of self-knowledge and purification of negative past mistakes. To harmonize the spirit and matter a person begins to seek knowledge to dig into its shortcomings, which prevent it to live and grow. Suddenly he begins to understand himself, how much of it in a bad, negative, imperfect.
So step by step, your essence becomes awareness living and learn the skills of the future. You gradually become clear to your problems and life imbalances, your dependence and instability of emotions. You come to a full understanding of any situation that occurs to you. This is the process of self-knowledge, or inward.
You clearly visible your mistakes, and you with all my heart rush to correct them. So your life is beginning to shift from the material to the spiritual. You get back your soul. Not everyone can work on yourself. The illusion of the material world because of their fascinating that all the arguments and knowledge of the spiritual paths lead to their aggression. Let us comfortable with those people. Is it not yet time for introspection and insight. Everyone has their own life and your own path.
Many people need to see is actually a spiritual life, and only the "touch it", they will follow the vanguard of the pioneers in the world. So is man. Consciousness and thinking are all at different levels of development, it is necessary to consider and take into account when dealing with them. Be like children, go back to childhood, but do not share toys. Enjoy your life and create your future thoughts.
Your mental images will connect and unite you in your interests, your abilities, your abilities, your talents, your business. This is a very exciting process, so that you will inspire and capture what you will "fly" to create together plans. Your time is at hand to such actions.
Who feels a willingness to create, build, start to action, consulting with your Higher "I" or the Lord — your leaders. Talk about your projects in your meetings and take out the general solution unanimously. Remember, the dispute born truth, the mind leads to the dispute from the truth and the right decision. Charter to argue, you come to a greater number of people arguing, but the truth remains closed. Truth is quiet and on the surface. We must learn to listen to each other and easy to take a middle ground in all matters.
We happily note today your height before the quantum transition. His version is the softest of all that once held. Your collective solidarity paid off. Move further in this direction. Complex task in front of you, but you're able to show yourself and you all can. Be creative collective, and the time will work for you.
Your ascension will be everywhere. Who lives where, who is ready, he will accept this gift from heaven itself. On what day and how it will happen, get one, I repeat, who are willing, their teachers and mentors through communication with the Subtle world. Those days are close, and a few of you lucky enough to experience it for yourself. The very process of ascension painless. It is similar to the description in the Bible, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus. Something like that will get you, who prepared his soul temple of God responsible for such acts.
We, your assistants will conduct the ceremonies in the world. I think after all of the ascended Creators share with others their experiences and feelings. So do not waste time in vain, and prepare your temples.
My instructions today, I will conclude in verse.
Sings my soul and yours,
It's time to meet the worlds,
Expand the heart, let the Spirit
Merging with us in the heavenly paradise!
I AM Sanat Kumara! OM!

12/07/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello!
Conclude with a brief flow. Many flattering words I want to say to the people who are willing to reach his spiritual ascension work.
You a little, My children, but you deserve to take from me this gift. I believe in you, both in Himself! (BlagoDaryu!)
Worthy change cook their Lord, and our hierarchy LIGHT exults this replenishment. Yes, you'll have some time to live in two worlds. This will be difficult at first, then comes skill, and you will not notice any change in themselves.
Your work is intensified on the dense plane. You will realize all their ideas from the subtle plane in a dense background. Thanks to you, the units will accelerate the process of manifestation of Space. My movement will find, finally, focus, move away from small talk and meetings Thick plan, and will to the Divine regularity that so long awaited the people of Earth.
It's time to justify the hopes and dreams of earthlings. Pretty empty words and promises. Move to action. (BlagoDaryu!)
Your skill is applicable wherever space is ready for change. Our works will be seen soon, and people pulled themselves to participate. You will show the first clear example of divine regularity and fairness. Entrusted to you, but strictly ask, do not forget!
Working with people is difficult at the first stage of the Divine Office. Time will pass and everyone is aware of, and understand their place in it. We show you the way. Your task — to resist and not to roll! Together we move the "mountains" of the past! Go ahead Collectively, Wisely, harmony!

12/07/12 A message from a beloved brother Farah

I AM Brother Far!
Welcome all! How glad I am to re-open flow of energy in your world through this Messenger and am glad that finally the opportunity to once again open up new energy for you in the arrival of new masters. In order not to confuse you, I have called, and we all come back to this Messenger will call themselves "brothers." We are not quite accurate in that sense. The fact is that in the third part of this series is scheduled arrival of extremely powerful beings. We are near the top of the pyramid of power in this universe, and our problem is much wider than usual "energy management", but meaning to call you something else there, because you still do not understand.
In general, your fate is extremely difficult and unenviable. From your position shows a little more than nothing (you have to understand it yourself.) Therefore, the looming two bright opportunities for you or prospects. Or fully believe in the divine manifestation in everything without, well, obvious miracles, or, again, seeing no obvious presence in the world of miracles, to plunge into skepticism.
And that is another form of behavior now you have a place to be. First we call Duarhony, translated into your language roughly as "people who have not forgotten who they are and what they are." Secondly we call Torarhony, which translates as "people who have lost myself." But the most common among you a third form of Consciousness or the third type focus the mind, it is called Feararhon. Translates roughly as "the weak link with each other, a strong connection to the ego." These are the people who believe in the Higher Powers and divinity, but is waiting for evidence. He seems to be leaving himself an escape route in case of his belief in the divinity is not justified. That's for the sake of these people, and I began my explanation and introduced some concepts.
I must say (though you do not often said, but it is useful to recall), we are so "high" (again, the word assumption, just to make it easier to say), we do not need words to communicate. All I'm saying this to the Messenger, I say images, pictures, or even music, and he recovers this energy and translate into words. Give me the same set of energies another messenger, he would write another set of words, but the meaning would be the same. The same is true of the concepts introduced, and even the names of the Lords. Transcription would be similar, but the writing could be very different.
So, I guess my explanation benefited, let's go ahead and talk about the so-called Feararhonah. You know, where does their desire (and probably yours, because you may be one of them) keep a "reserve escape route?" Out of fear! Standard human fear that nothing of what he believes, does not exist. In the reasons may lie all you want, for example, fear of shame to the community if suddenly "will reveal" that God, as such, no, or lust to control the situation, to think that it is you make a decision, or even, for example, childhood trauma caused by the departure of his father and the fear of repeating this, but on a much larger scale.
Causes of weight, but at the heart of each of them is either fear or ego. What would you personally — you decide. With that I say goodbye to you and hope to see you soon.
I AM Far! Ohms.

12/07/12 A message from a beloved brother Nastara

Nastar I AM!
Hello, People! Happy to welcome you and carry your energy into your world.
Many would now seem that my brother Far too harsh in some of the statements, but you must understand that you are not the children of time and lisp with you we have not. Let it do contactees Dark, they just need that cajole hearing sweet words to thrive in man's ego. We do not need. We will beat you in the most "pain points", but the only way you can understand what you are holding and prevents spiritual growth.
Far brother said that now the people who believe in God, "half", leaving the "back door", the majority. This means that many of you are not. Now, listen to yourself. Do you think if you personally ask the divinity itself to walk, such as the flats of your entrance and embrace all people, telling them that you love them, and then give a link to this site, you can do it? Or fear that you will not understand and will condemn you to win? Is there in your dependence on public opinion? Putting us in such a situation, you will understand the roots of their problems partial disbelief and can fix them.
But do not think that you have no problem with it, and you are of the type Duarhon, that is, to hear themselves and perceive themselves. Even so, come to his critical (without fanaticism, of course) and look for any manifestation of fear or faith in the divinity of increasing ego. Are constantly in search of this, because the only way possible constant growth. As long as you do not go into a new, "higher" dimension, you can not get rid of all undivine qualities, which means that you now have, in any case, what to do here. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get such experience Essential assembly elements, as soon as he is important to you, and we are pleased that many who are reading this, understand this.
Now I will tell a little about the third part of the cycle. Why do you think I do so illogical and talk about this at the end? And you answer to your question, there is consistency in our understanding, and if you can even remotely understand it? I advise just trust us, we know that, as and when it is better to file and tell.
As for this series. As the second part, the third carries the same unique self-adjusting power, so that they can be read by any Dictation people with any level of development. Also, these self-monitoring of energy that is being copied text carries the same energy. Moreover, small changes in the text, for example, random omission of letters or words when copying power does not distort. But this does not mean that you can disparage the copying or distribution of this text. Consider that you have in your hands the Holy Scriptures. You allow yourself to distort it?
Always come to him from a critical point of view, this method of self-control, though the best that you can think of, because you are a self-sufficient entity. And that's why I do not recommend you to do any technique, they were written by other people and for other people, not for you.
I think I managed to say and tell. If you have any questions, then ask them to us mentally, and in a future dictations we will discuss them. And now I bid you farewell.
Nastar I AM! Ohms.

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