China: Xinjiang ice flow compared with the 8-magnitude earthquake

Due to the increase in air temperature at Lake Bagrashkel in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the ice began to move, and the generation of large ice bergs. Strong impact hits ice blocks with a concrete pier fishing village might have been 8 magnitude earthquake, according to China National Radio.

This spring, the lake can be seen Bagrashkel unusual and unique perspective. Lining the quay one by one icebergs like small icebergs formed "ice ridge." Some of them look like huts, others — on the hills.

Bagrashkel lake, which is called the "Pearl of the Tien Shan", is the largest inland freshwater lake in China. Each spring, the lake is melting and the onset of the ice, but this year the situation is very serious. This is due to the wind direction — March 1, blowing very strong south-easterly wind, which caused movement of the ice in the direction of the fishing pier. Blocks of ice two meters in height struck powerful blows to the fishing pier.

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