Christina Shatsikava requires a review of the sentence for Square

Minsk City Court issued a complaint Mogilev defenders of the civil campaign "Our House" by Christina Shatsikava. Activist demands that Minsk courts re-examined the administrative case against her.

December 31, Partisan sentenced Christina Shatsikava fine of thirty base values for participating in a protest on Independence Square on December 19. The court session was held without adkaznitsy. About the punishment she was told by an official letter.

Shatsikava: "They have condemned me for the part, they believe in an unsanctioned rally. I will appeal against it because categorically do not want to plead guilty. I did not break any laws. Moreover, in partisan court believe that all of the procedures performed, when I was summoned to court. I disagree with that. December 22 I was in Minsk hospital, and a subpoena brought me to the place of residence in Mogilev and handed it to my minor son, who was forced to sign for me. I demand until the abolition of the sentence, but only a retrial. I want the court held only in my presence. My complaint will be considered on February 4. "

Christina Shatsikava detained at the Independence Square on December 19. Severely beaten. From the temporary detention in Akrestsin it with heavy bleeding and was taken to the hospital. There she stayed for three days. After learned that people from hospitals being taken back to prison, insisted that it was released prematurely. At Mrs. Christina two teenage sons.

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