City gnomes or chimney of an ancient dungeon?


Volga diggers found on the shore of the reservoir in the area Dubovka strange little moves.

Company lovers explore caves and dungeons of the Volga came ashore Volgograd Sea
just relax. Attention of young people attracted unusual, obviously man-made tunnel, discovered after a fresh landslide on the shore.

— On the right bank of the Volga, we found an amazing tunnel with a square cross-section — told Digger Maxim Kucherov. — A usually, but the size is very small, 20 centimeters in height and 30 — width.
Crawl through there any adult or child could not. At the same time, in the clay cliff move was made of slabs of quartz sandstone. Therefore, this move could not be simply scour.

The purpose of this mysterious stroke researchers from the Volga
remains unclear. What is this? If ventilation, it should be vertical. If sewer course of ancient Mongols, who, according to recent archaeological data, 700 years ago there was already a sewerage and water supply pipes of clay, why it is located so deep: at a depth of five meters from the surface of the earth?

Diggers shined a flashlight into the tunnel: progress goes away, lost in the dark. Stuck there a long stick: in nothing rests.

Then they decided to go to a strange discovery in the next time. During the second expedition in progress stuck her webcam,
mounted on a plastic six-meter fishing pole. By connecting the device to the notebook Volga diggers able to look at what is inside the tunnel. As it turned out the tunnel forked. And it is not the length of six meters, and much more.

On the screen shots taken with the camera, young people could see something similar to animal skull. Maxim Kucherov assumed it was the skull of an ancient amphibian. Volga researcher of anomalous phenomena Gennady Belimov,
Diggers who showed a video and photos, immediately surmised that volzhane found the corridor leading to the city of gnomes. However, the diggers themselves are inclined to think that you have found yet explored by archaeologists system chimneys of the underground city on the site of Beldzhamena.


Next to Dubovka is Vodyanskoe mound — a unique archaeological site of Golden Horde epoch. Ancient settlement dates back to the fourteenth century. Once upon a time this place was an ancient Tatar city Beldzhamen. According to legend, contains the ghost of the Black Tatar. She cursed Tamerlane's conquest of the city. He killed women and children condemned to eternal unfortunate finding them.

In Beldzhamene was the so-called "city of mud huts." According to the findings of archaeologists, lived in these dugouts Russian prisoners — the master, the Tatar-Mongols exported from Ryazan, Suzdal and other conquered Russian cities. In place of the dugouts still find ancient baptismal crosses and icons.

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