Clouds over Moscow on Tuesday turned yellow because of the dust from the Sahara

Yellowish tint clouds over Moscow on Tuesday gave the dust raised by the storm in the Sahara in late June, said the Russian meteorologist.

On Tuesday, residents of several areas in the north of the capital and in the suburbs have seen a strange haze, many of them took her by the smoke from forest and peat fires.

According to meteorologists, large dust storm in the Sahara at the end of last week flew the large amount of dust and sand, which sustained easterly winds to the west in the Atlantic. There southerly winds mixed dust from warm and moist ocean air that is circulated in the system of the cyclone, the remainder of the ex-hurricane "Chris."

Dust captured by raindrops and settled on cars, a few days ago saw the British. Specialists of the National Weather Service issued a series of animated satellite images, which "can be clearly seen as a bright pink cloud rises over the Sahara, then moves to the west, turns north and then east." According to meteorologists, the dust from the Sahara reaches the British Isles only a few times a year.

"What happened to the dust after it has settled on the part of British cars? Another part, according to the European counterparts, continued to move eastward. Eve atmospheric dust opacity noted meteorologists Latvia, and (Tuesday) saw dust Muscovites" — said the meteorologist.

The air in the capital was humid and warm, in the middle of the day at 24 degrees relative humidity was 80%.

"That's only rain we have not — because the air at this point was already very well mixed, and, therefore, thermodynamically stable. And we could see the dust in the air, she stained particle clouds, and give them a yellowish tint. after the passage of a cold atmospheric front, the capital region has begun to spread more dry and clear air mass "- note in the weather.

For Moscow, the turbidity of air dust — the phenomenon is not very rare, stress meteorologists, such phenomena are more common in spring and early summer. Dust often comes in the Capital Region to the south-east, from Eurasia or from the south of the region of the Middle East.

"(It is) a reason to once again feel not quite vast size of our planet, and the fact that" the weather knows no bounds ", — concluded the experts.

In the spring of Muscovites and residents of suburbs have frightened a cloud of unusual color. Then the city appeared greenish haze, which some have linked to the allegedly occurred at a chemical factory in Podolsk accident. Later ecologists to explain the mysterious cloud of high concentrations of birch pollen in the air.

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