Cold back into the center of Russia by the end of this week

Warm weather in the central regions of European Russia by the end of the week will change chills, thaw is complete, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The positive anomaly of the average daily temperature is reduced by 7-9 degrees earlier in the week to 2-4 degrees in the last few days (weeks)," — said in a statement.

Starting Tuesday, the Central Federal District will be under the influence of an anticyclone. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the atmospheric pressure in the region will light precipitation in parts of expected ice and fog. Prevailing air temperature at night from 8 to 1 degree below zero, in the south — to 2 degrees Celsius, the day from 5 degrees below zero to 2 degrees Celsius.

"The gradual lowering of the temperature will continue in the coming days. Expected night from 3-8 degrees Celsius in the south to 11-16 degrees in the north county, day 0 to 5 degrees below zero in the southern areas, to 4-9 degrees below zero — in northern . the weekend, the temperature drops by 2-3 degrees. This will snow in some places, but not excluding the period of short clarifications "- said the weather service.

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