Comet Elenin was not just a comet?

April 17, 2012 7:19

Transcription of crop circles.

Circle of 28.05.2011, The Sanctuary, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire: danced a quadrille planet in the sky, but on the field it's someone painted.

Transcription of crop circles

Thus, we see 4 circles on one side and 6 on the other. 2 circles joined by a line in the middle.
Look at the sky in May 2011, see the following:

28/05/2011 4 planets really united in one line.
But this is only a half-circle, look no further. On the other half, according to the logic must be 6 planets lined up in a row, well, where are they? Do not panic, everything is in place, drawer just look at the sky and see the same.
Well, we look at the sky that way of 18-20 June 2011. And what do we see there? 5 planets lined up in a row. But what about the 6th round, yes Order more different from all the others — ask the Honourable audience? No 6th planet, not guessing at this time.

No panic, kE is forgotten! It also ranks among the planets. To accurately, it was clear that Re is different from the other planets, it identified differently, and with a direct reference to its location in the day — in the orbit of Mars! Mars — The 4th planet from the sun, and it was on the 4th "planetary" round and marked kE. And the line between the two circles in the figure — is a smooth transition from one building to another. 3elenaya planetary line and rotates smoothly into orange. Beautiful, what more can I say. Perhaps all the planets lined up on the front line of Enki and shouted three times a resounding welcome cheers! But people do not know about it, because every one of them were busy with their ordinary earthly squabbles, why have Enki may have originated stress. Earth, by the way, the parade of planets and Re did not participate, and modestly retired, probably in order not to upset the chief state of their civilization. Well, this is certainly a digression, but a very beautiful building, could not resist :)

Again, pay attention to the kE. What is important in this comet?

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