Coming out of the coma, she feels like a teenager

September 29, 2012 19:25

32-year-old Briton Sarah Thompson, the mother of the family, in part because of the lost memory of aneurysm rupture. After the release of the coma adult woman again became a fan of the Spice Girls and Michael Jackson.
Doctors say that the amount of memory it is on the spot, when the woman was 19 years old. The remaining 13 years of his life have disappeared from the memory of Sarah. After a 10-day coma, she forgot about the existence of her husband and three children. She puts it this way: "When I asked whose it is children, and received the answer" your ", and could not believe it." Regarding her husband, who was constantly at her side, she thought it was hospital staff.
Sarah told reporters that the hospital when her husband brought her home, she was very confused, because I was expecting there to see her first husband, whom she married at a young age.

Partial loss of memory — a fairly common phenomenon in aneurysm rupture, but Sarah — a special case. She went back to her teenage habits and tastes. The woman was literally shocked to learn of the death of Jackson, and the decay of Spice Girls /

To return to Sarah in real time family show her stuff and seems to have her memories gradually returned. She admitted to others that he feels like a teenager. Sarah said she wanted to dye my hair again in a different color as a youth.

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