Commissioned a liquid radioactive waste at the plant Kozloduy

 December 14, 2012 the Bulgarian State Enterprise "Radioactive waste» (SE «RAW») has taken into operation the liquid radioactive waste "Danube". The act of the state commission of acceptance of work signed by the Commission in the management SE "RAW", representatives of the Group of Project Management at the NPP "Kozloduy» — KPMU, NPP "Kozloduy", the state supervisory authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria and the building inspection on nuclear safety.

Director for radioactive waste management and decommissioning SE «RAW» George Goshev confirmed that, in accordance with the Bulgarian state building codes, standards, and rules and regulations on nuclear safety in the construction of the installation completed all the work under the project documentation. Equipment and systems are mounted, positioned and adopted after a series of tests in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

The installation of the modules of the experts of Bulgarian enterprises of JSC "Enemona", which were carried out under the ASE is not a single case of exceeding the reference levels of exposure to personnel who have been established for work on the construction of the facility in a controlled area. According to the head of the project "Danube", the Deputy Head of the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste Tatiana Makarchuk, this result has been achieved thanks to the established Russian contractor unconditional priority of security over other indicators of the project and promote the professional SE «RAW» and NPP "Kozloduy "in the implementation of safety measures during the installation, commissioning, preliminary, trial (active) and operational tests of the plant.

The combined company NIAEP-ASE with partners, will continue to assist in servicing the unit within the warranty period which is 36 months.

The purpose of the installation "Danube" — the problem of processing liquid radioactive waste produced in the course of the decommissioning of the four units with reactors of the VVER-440 NPP "Kozloduy", as well as reducing the radiation risks arising from the storage of liquid waste. Processing at the facility are subject to low-level liquid radioactive waste, namely, bridging boards of water, water, sanitary inspection and special laundry. Performance Position — 1 m3 per hour. The principle of operation of the unit periodically with the accumulation of waste in the receiving tanks that are part of the installation. Factor to minimize waste at the facility "Danube" is about 0.6-0.7% of the initial volume of liquid radioactive waste. The coefficient of treatment for radionuclides to reach 1,000 or more.

The design lifetime of the installation for LRW treatment is 20 years.

Building installation was carried out in the framework of the International Programme for the decommissioning of four reactors of NPP "Kozloduy", funded by the European Commission. The investor was the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). General contractor — JSC "ASE" (ASE), which won an international competition announced by the Bank. Technological scheme was developed by the supervisor of the project SUE SIA "Radon." In the construction of the Bulgarian companies participated: "AtomToploProekt" Ltd. — a designer, "Enemona" JSC completed construction and installation, commissioning and testing.

With the construction of the concept of unconditional priorities were safety, reliability, minimize the amount of secondary waste, and minimizing the level of exposure of workers and the principle of ALARA. The plant is provided with a workstation operator-technologist (ARMOT), located in a remote room, which allows for the minimum time finding staff in the area of radiation exposure.

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