Commissioned a renovated three-kilometer section of main road in p.Dombay

In Karachay-Cherkessia opened a renovated section of main road in the village of Dombay, 3 km long.


A new pedestrian sidewalk built along the main road is paved and quality paving tiles, there is a metal galvanized pedestrian fencing along the road through the village Dombay length 1091metrov. Cable laid under the pavement, drainage and other ways of communication.

The total length of the road, covered overhaul amounted to nearly 3 km. Major overhaul lasted for the past seven months in 2011 and implemented the general contractor — "an investment — the construction company" Kuban ".

Praising Road construction and repair work on the main street p.Dombay and beyond, President of the Republic, said conscientious approach to the case of employees of the Office of Federal Highway on KCR, as well as the efforts of local authorities to create comfortable living conditions for the local population and tourists.


"Commissioning quality fine finished road will help improve the movement of people and increase the capacity of the central road of the village," — said Rashid Temrezov.

Highway construction in p.Dombay conducted with federal funds, as well as the installation of the lighting of the road.

Deputy Head of the Federal Highway on KCR Anatoly Ozov touched the history of road construction in p.Dombay and said that the project was developed in 2009 when Rashid Temrezov head of this structure. Implementation of the project of construction of this section of the road in 2011, Anatoly Ozov also linked with the name of the Head of the Republic, which reached the relevant agreements Rosavtodor in Moscow. "In this way, the process has accelerated," — said A.Ozov.

At the end of Chapter KCR expressed the hope that the joint efforts of all stakeholders settlement Dombay significantly transformed and will attract even more tourists.

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