Commissioning of the new facility Tomsk SEZ

  • The building of the Scientific and innovation center
  • The building of the Scientific and innovation center

At the southern site of the special economic zone complete construction of the building of the Scientific and innovation center. Research and innovation center special economic zone "Tomsk" will be the third building for residents, built at the expense of the federal budget.

Construction of the building began in April 2011, the facility now completed the finishing work.

The new building will match the architectural concept developed in compliance with the uniform style of buildings and structures of the Tomsk SEZ. The total area of five-story buildings with underground parking will be 15.6 thousand sq.m.

To date, 70% of the area is reserved for projects of existing and potential residents.

The building is divided into office and laboratory space. Mainly in specialized laboratories Research and innovation center will house the existing residents of the projects in the field of medicine and biotechnology, as well as a number of companies who are currently preparing to become residents of the SEZ. IT-and instrument-making company is a modern office environment.

Help.The special economic zone "Tomsk" One of the five technical innovation zones, established December 21, 2005. Located on two plots of land (area, North and South) with a total area of 207 ga.Na SEZ "Tomsk" recorded 58 resident companies, they create more than 1,000 jobs. 13 projects are implemented with the participation of foreign kapitala.Osnovnye activities of resident companies: information, communication and electronic technologies, the production technology of new materials and nanotechnology, biotechnology and medical technology.

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