Conversation with the Master Teacher of mankind MM — about «not held» end of the world. On the «new world order.» On transition to the System of Light.

12.26 2012

Q: The world with fear and look forward to the Great Shift 21 — December 23, 2012, but this did not happen, that would suggest such a transition. So if there was a transition or not?

MM Great Shift will come in full only on completion of transfer of power lines from the appearance of the planet in a state of egocentricity ALTERtsentrizma. The change of the poles — obligatory phenomenon.
That event, which people expect to see in these three days, will now be stretched indefinitely. Changing the distribution of vectors planetary forces will change gradually. And along with these changes will change the situation itself and in your economic and political world community.

Q: What caused this change in the terms of the plan and the Great Shift?

MM This change was based on the fact that a lot of people twisted their egocentrism vector of the direction of inward and joined in magnetic communication with the Hierarchy of Light in the Infinite in the most sincere and shining prayer and salvation. The Forces of Light have seen huge amounts of light, flowing from the Earth to the Sun and beyond to Galactic spaces. This "magnetic strand", created by the magnetism of prayer, did the impossible: Earth received additional force due to the solar Matrix and become resistant to the momentum of a sudden coup.
Now events will go smoothly, and only in the form of global cataclysms huge hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods, will bother people more and more often than usual. It is impossible to change the location of the planet in space and time without consequences. But all of them together can not cause the Earth and its people more harm than what could happen in a short period of change that are closed in three days and nights.

Question: But in this connection deferred Great Shift may be that the world financial "elite" really take over the rest of the world and to establish the most notorious New World Order?! Maybe people would even agree with catastrophic events of the Great Shift only in order to quickly get rid of parasites? And now they will enter a long time and have time to bring their plans for world domination to the execution?

MM The new world order has long existed over you. In 2008, when the world is experiencing another financial crisis antielita built its policy in such a way that its plans are already to be executed. The world has long been under the control of financiers cannibals. They have long had authority over all and each one individually. Just a few is now fully understand. Let's start with the fact that your money — in banks, which control all of your financial income and expenses, wherever you are. Your passport has special bar codes, which are hidden all over your identity. Your children from conception get mark of the beast in you think harmless ultrasound surgery. Blood of your babies and mothers at birth directly enters the special banks and vaults, supposedly for genetic manipulation in favor of the health of infants in their future adult life.

Your kids get vaccinated, during which many of them chipiruyut, creating a precedent full control over each and every one individually.
Your boys are special doses of drugs that make them asexual or homosexual persons. Your girls are the hormonal injections, which increase their sexuality and sexual excesses in childhood. Court of early sex and early pregnancy that the fetus when troubleshooting, make young women infertile.

Your pharmaceutical industry produces many products, which have unknown consequences to anyone in health, and in the psyche.
Can be a long list all levels of your enslavement by the organizers of the New World Order. You just do not see all these events because you are wearing a special information curtain that hides on your understanding of everything that happens. And those individuals within your social strata, which are still able to think and speak on these issues, are quickly drowned out by the howling and screaming as you own. Just you yourself do not want to see the obvious. The peace and quiet comes to you only when you tie your eyes, plug my ears and say something too yourself. Your world has long been mired in the execution of plans antielity world, and she is quite happy with the way you behave.

Q: What do you do to people? If all that bad, is it possible to change something without a global catastrophe?

MM When you sit in a warm house and you have a reliable roof over your head, it's unlikely you'll be thinking about the revolution, and the need to go to the public interest cases, cause you only irritation.
But when your roof over your head will fly away, and the house will not be no water, no electricity, you immediately think about is what do you do to get your favorable condition. Nature and the Earth itself are now doing the necessary shifts in time and space, but at the same time you also lose confidence in the fact that your hut with Karan and you do not have to wish for a change.
When you finally lose the confidence that you can return something of the old pleasures, and you have to think about how to set up a new life, and then had come that blessed time of which you dreamed.

Question: But the New World Order, which already reigned in the world will not let us do that?

MM new world order, in the face of a parasitic antielity already lost its base and the base platform that they expected to take over the world in the same conditions as they were before. But their magnetic connection fundamentally broken and management of the world process deprived of its basic foundations. If it belonged to an old age, it can be said that they have lost the thread links, but in the current situation it is safe to say that they have lost the matrix, which wove a web of many centuries and even millennia in a row. In my view, this matrix is similar to the monstrous spawn, simmering delicate mental world of the lower astral realms, and germinated in the material world as a giant system of the so-called City-towns that now sit in the center of the world's capitals. Mycelium bank CITY — this is the material part of the parasitic mycelium, which has entangled the whole world, and was determined to keep its grip in the world community.

Now imagine that this "banking spawn", even getting the initial break, but still in a relationship in terms of information. Information communication plan (computer technology) is still firmly holding bank spawn in the hands of their masters.
Question: So, now all the people on the ground tied bank loans, interest, taxes, other financial sticky muck like a fly caught in a web? What can we do to people? After all, the world's spiders are still very strong!
Change in the system of darkness for light system includes full exit from the field of demonic "New World Order", and the transition to the field lighting systems.

Q: How to get out of the field of darkness, in which the people and built all of the existing infrastructure?

MM Changing the system on a global scale can change the state of the infrastructure as needed, and freedom of choice, not only to each person individually, but the whole states in the world. Now it is very important to decide: either must die with leaving the system, or to continue their evolution in the system more responsive to all global pereemenam.
In the case of Russia — is a unique choice of direction in life light system, which means that now it is necessary to approach things with a sense of dramatic changes in the preparation of both the economy and the financial system of the state.

For example, the state currently does not own its Reserve Bank and is totally dependent on what that strange individuals, who took possession of the RIGHT AMOUNT RAPORYAZHENIEYA BENEZHNOY MASS PUBLIC BACK. This event took place recently, and few people in the Russian society has given meaning to the event. Meanwhile, it is this event has become the key to Russia's accession to the World possessions hosts, parasites, have views of all natural and human resources of the country. So, the first thing one must return to Russia the opportunity to dispose of their financial resources. Why is it necessary? In order to produce fully secured money to help improve the economy and make government alone in making key decisions to the interests of its people.

Next you need to bring to the consciousness of fellow understanding that money — it's the equivalent of the energy that produces the nation as a result of their labor and creativity. Economy, and all its forms of production and redistribution, is a tool for the production and redistribution of energy in its various forms. And if the economy of the former system of darkness meant that the money should be provided for the goods, the economy of the future includes providing the money supply is the energy of primary raw materials and mental energy of human creativity.
Two types of energy, when combined, give a true and tangible product of civilization, which is the law of conservation of energy is deposited in the form of a cultural layer of this civilization, to use as a material values and the information level.

Cultural layers increase, accumulate and create special storage areas on the planet that are basic structures for the formation of experience and magnetic levels of human consciousness. Thus, developing and evolving as the planet itself and all reasonably-electromagnetic life forms on the surface and subsurface.
I understand that this does not directly enter into the consciousness of few trained people, but even the identity of people who understand what has been said, can begin to act in line with the tremendous changes associated with withdrawal from the anti-cultural layer of the demonic, parasitic system of darkness, on the System of Light.

Q: Our world is subject to tremendous inertia. Is not this somehow accelerate the transition from darkness to light system?

MM can speed up, but it makes no sense. Let things go on as usual. Now the most important thing — is awareness.

Question: How can you imagine a transition to a system of Light is now in a separate state?

MM individual state may declare that, in a specific time it takes a new law on energy supply of money and exchange their money for the energy supply of the money of other countries, only in assigned amounts of energy. No exchanges and speculative manipulation to assess the value of money in a country should no longer play a role.
Next is the state takes full control of their printing banknotes in strict accordance with the number of primary commodity products, it receives the economic activity of its citizens for a certain period, and prints new money, which Tutu also adds to their state coffers.

Then the new money coming in all the state needs, and because the energy produced workers should not only be received, but revised and redistributed, drought conditions for general labor and employment of creative people.
Under such circumstances, the state will be very beneficial to the workers to produce and process as a lot of energy, and provide themselves and state requirements. Then the state to run a special program for the improvement of technology, working conditions, for new types of plants, animals, and more technological and productive industries … What ultimately affects both the well-being of the state and the welfare of its citizens.

Moreover, the state adopted the first system of Light no longer needed taxes from its citizens, and therefore, it can safely abandon them in favor of local councils and municipalities. And then on the ground across a country will grow and prosper, entire regions of general well-being.
Rejection of state taxes to local governments run deep in the appearance of social structures and communities of local leaders — people able to work for the common good. It is because of these people will develop and subsequently the true elite of the state — the light of the nation.

Realm of Light, and that way will be called a state, get a big advantage in relation to other states that wish to take their constitution Kona Supreme Being, who will adopt such rules of life, which would exclude the possibility of any kind of parasitism: speculation, violence, lies, corruption, theft, extortion, bank interest bondage ….
If you look at all the events in your world, then we can say briefly: you live in a world where parasites proliferate on such a scale that they are ready to destroy himself is your world, and ourselves. For them, there is no bar limits. And they will spread its influence as long as your world will not be destroyed completely.

Knowing this, you people of the world need to understand one thing. Way out of this situation can be only one: you must leave the field of economy and finance of the darkness, and establish a system that will be completely out of the field of forces of darkness. This can only be done in the community of the nations of the world, which is a significant force that can resist all sorts of pressure from the forces of darkness. Such a state can emerge from the former Soviet Union, the countries of the West, allied Slavs and the East — China and India. These countries make up a huge weight to the rest of the world and have sufficient raw natural resource for the near future for the transition from darkness to light system.

Next will be a new science that is not being a slave system of darkness, will issue to the administration and operation of a huge number of discoveries and technologies, which will become the base for a complete change of the organization as a productive and consumer forces. Redistribution direction of all energy in the form of proper Torah, in form and content corresponding to the structure as the solar system and the Earth, so the galaxy and the universe allows you to organize all the metabolic processes in the harmonic component, which in turn will properly distribute the social significance of energy solely legally From this life … such a state would be a harmonious, peaceful, fair, giving the opportunity to everyone individually to grow in his mind to justify the very meaning of life in a country and on the planet Earth. The evolution of human consciousness — the enlightenment of all aspects of life, both human and natural complex — this is the true purpose of the existence of life in the universe.

If people take the path of enlightenment, they gain great strength in their endeavors. Since the time of darkness is over, it remains to overcome the inertia of old habits, and this will help you those global catastrophic events, which you have not yet realized how great danger. Russia will let the first example of such enormous change in their territory and will allow your neighbors. Then the rest of the world will throw the rest of the parasites into the dustbin of history, and is also connected to life in the light system.
The output of one, but a very strong community of the state, from the matrix of demonic darkness lead to a chain reaction out with her the rest of the world.
Loss of control over financial flows, and hence the energy of life, will knock out — under the feet of the "owners of this World" basic foundation for their prosperity and power. We can only have the courage to understand what other way to modern humanity not.


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