Costs of the Baltic republics to NATO air-policing will increase by 1.5 times

Costs of the Baltic republics to NATO air-policing will increase by 1.5 times

The Baltic republics are going to increment the cost of maintaining "the NATO air police", which is the mission of the Alliance to ensure the safety of air space, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In the past year, the Baltic countries have spent on this goal of 2.2 million euros. By 2015, this figure will rise to 3.5 million euros.
Namely, it is planned to organize an additional transport flights for transportation of foreign troops, the main part of their compensation for living expenses, the allocation of additional funds for domestic service and communication. In addition, the partial compensation of allies participating in the mission, the cost of jet fuel. Not so long ago, during a visit to the region, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen open a discussion the question of financing the growth of mission on the part of Baltic States (In whose interests it was created.) The beginning of 2004 is the foundation of the mission year, when the Baltic republics became members of NATO. Due to the fact that they did not have his military equipment for the protection of air space, they assist allies. As part of this mission is carried out patrols of Allied fighters of the air space Baltic States.

They are placed on the terrain of the Lithuanian air base Zokniai. Bloc countries are on combat duty at a time, using its fighter jets and replacing each other every 4 months. Since the beginning of the year tour of duty produce the German fighter pilots on 4 F-4 Phantom. It was expected that mission will end in 2007.

But at the request of Baltic States, in what did not appear to protect the fighters own sky mission has been extended. Not so long ago, the goal was extended again until 2018. The Baltic republics were generally offered to make her lifetime.
The Minister of Defence of Lithuania Rasa Jukneviciene giving comments about the rising costs of NATO air police, said that the purchase and service of its own fighters would cost countries Baltic States even more expensive.

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