Cougars — Lions Andes watch online

Cougars - Lions Andes watch online
Mysterious cougar. Very few people lucky enough to see the corner of my eye on these gorgeous cats that live in the Andes. In over 2-years of natural history film maker recognizable and Cinematographer Hugh Miles lived in the middle of the Chilean cougars, shooting on film scenes from the life of these cowardly and secretive predators. Experience the unique bond of friendship that emerged between the filmmaker and dazzling mountain lion, which he gave the nickname Penny. His camera, curb special lens for night shooting, will introduce you to Fortune and tragedies of everyday life Penny: It will find for yourself mate, give birth to 3 cubs, and will be assisted by their own offspring, every day resisting the pressure of hunger and poachers. You will see the feral eyes of the inhabitants of the Andes Penny, when it will be on the watch for similar camel and llama chasing hares, which can quickly eat, if I can catch them. Quite feral animals occasionally allow a person to approach them so close, and Hugh Miles could best way to enjoy this unique opportunity. Now and you will be able to walk in the footsteps that left the Cougars — Lions Andes.

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