Damned pictures and their secrets

October 19, 2012 18:03

Damned pictures and their secrets

It's no secret that every product carries a particle of the soul and mind of its creator. Not ignorant of the history that the writers and poets have predicted some events of his life and even "guess" the date of his death. Composers can affect the subconscious mind and emotional state of people with his music, actors, live on stage as others, can not help to repeat the fate of his characters. But perhaps the greatest mystical significance of old pictures attached.

Some pictures — great works of legendary artists, keep many mysteries and secrets. Some of these paintings is called the damned, are afraid of them and avoided. People believe that they have a negative, evil energy and causing misery to their owners. Even if you do not keep these pictures in my house, and just long to admire the image in any museum, you can still experience the negative consequences of injured or even killed.

One of the paintings, the study of which has long been engaged researchers — "The Adoration of the Magi." According to them, it has a detrimental impact on women and leads to infertility. It was established for certain. So, one day, a young woman, falling Bruegel the elder cousin, posed for him, when he created the image of the Virgin Mary. After writing the work it was found that it could no longer have children. And this was not an isolated case. History repeats itself again and again.

Many years later, collectors, decorated his collection to the work, as to render childless or infertile. Perhaps this characteristic pattern was well known, and therefore its last owner was the father of many children, who did not want more children and gladly purchased the "guarantor" of childlessness for his collection.

Now the picture is in London at the National Gallery of Art. Further studies are no longer held, and therefore how many women suffer from the picture is unknown.

"Venus with a Mirror" — is one thing, but a more sinister web. It is well known fact that it can destroy and even kill his master and others, or to innocent members of his family. This picture is created by famous Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. Historically, the owners, along with a picture acquired a lot of problems. So, the first owner of this work of art was one wealthy merchant, who soon broke. After such repeated several times.

Another painting of the notorious — "Crying Boy". Perhaps this picture is done at the time the largest amount of noise.

This is not about the painting itself, but the reproduction of the picture talented Spanish painter Giovanni Bragoliny "Crying Boy", all of the owners of which, all of a sudden and almost at once began to fire victims. Even after the public response to these cases, in England at all forbidden to sell the house and keep the picture under the threat of legal proceedings.

Fire, which was the culprit of this "boy", shocked the world. Information about the events in the UK, which took place in 1985, came again and again and did not leave the first newspapers.

Thus, the sudden wave of England fires strange reasons completely unrelated to each other. In all these cases, the total was only one thing in all the houses burned was a reproduction of the same painting "Crying Boy", and, oddly enough, the fire started from the room where there was this cheap reproduction. At that time, she met many homes as very popular and sold in almost every store. This could be seen as a mere coincidence, if not for one thing: in all cases, without a single exception to this canvas escaped injury, while all the things that are around, burned to the ground.

Time and again, repeated fires could not escape the attention of the public. Finally, in all the papers zapestrila information that cities with fire extinguishing fires that broke out for no good reason, are reproductions of paintings "Crying Boy".

This story is very much discussed and, to avoid repetition, it is worth noting that the fact that unless the mass burning of fine art in the town square — a blatant case in history.

Beautiful painting "Water Lilies" pen impressionist Claude Monet also caused a lot of noise. When he finished his work on this picture, I decided to organize a gala banquet in his workshop. All of a sudden in the midst of the celebration there was a fire. Fortunately, the flame was extinguished. However, the case was not unique. To be precise, suffered not only the artist. When the owner found the canvas, and it passed into his hands, in his house just caught fire, but the picture has survived — we have already saved. Then the owner has changed — the picture was in Paris a wealthy collector. Exactly one year later was killed in the fire and his house. Once again, the picture is in one piece.

As a result, the picture took refuge in a museum in New York. And as incredible as it may sound, at the museum as suddenly caught fire. Picture of the fire has not been able to survive and was strong enough damage.

Is there a connection between the fire — is not known. However, it is said that a case can be random, but four — very similar to the pattern. Different people, different countries and even different times. And common in all these cases, there is only one thing — a painting of water lilies.

Shocking picture "Hands protecting him," look at that is not recommended for people with weak minded. After all, even in otherwise healthy, cool people canvas caused shock and sudden panic attacks. Hysterical, moving from joy and excitement to the incredible sense of grief and stupor.

This picture was written by American Bill Stoneham. It depicts a boy with a scary face and a disproportionately large head and a girl — a doll with a frighteningly empty black eyes. Behind the children is terrible glass door, to which, from the inside, his hands pressed against the child.

According to the author, he once found an old picture in which he was captured, and that night, driven by some mysterious force, he rushed to write this canvas.

The boy in the picture — it is the author himself, the girl — a guide from the real world into the other, and the door — a kind of hell, a symbol boundary between the physical and the mental.

The very first owner of this work was a wealthy American. Shortly after the acquisition of works of art, he died. After painting "moved" into the possession of a famous actor Bob Marley. But he lived long after the purchase.

Some time later, the common people have found this picture of a landfill and decided to take him. Picture hung on the most "honorable" place, but it is happy with the hosts for long. The very next night, their minor child in a state of shock and with a look of horror on his face ran into the room of parents and in tears told how frightened his picture. According to the child, the children in the picture began to beat each other.

First time parents managed to calm the child, they probably decided that the girl comes up with something. But the next night the child came running back in tears and told me that the children go around the room! Then the frightened parents installed security camera in the room, what was their horror when the camera twice per night worked, catching some movement.

Owners of the house were so frightened that they decided to get rid of the strange fabric. They put a picture up for auction, hoping to sell as quickly as possible. With the paintings at auction visitors began to experience strange feelings and health problems, dizziness, headaches and hell, they fought hysterically and shaking from fear of the unknown, and sometimes they lose consciousness. Around the blame now, but The Human greed knows no fear. "Sensational" picture was bought in a private collection and, as if the owner is not required to get rid of cloth, he flatly refused. Perhaps they moved greed — for mystical paintings with their history, which is on everyone's lips, though considered a curse, but, nevertheless, — unique. There is always a chance to sell this masterpiece some enthusiastic person several times more expensive than it was purchased. They are huge sums.

Painting "The Scream" is the true embodiment of the suffering and agony of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. It depicts something very remotely resembling human beings. In fact, the face of a killer like the mask of the famous horror movie "Scream" (maybe it was this picture inspired the director?). The painting is a symbol representing life and the fate of the unfortunate, the sick artist.

So happened that people somehow come into contact with the work of art, or, God forbid, to hurt him, eventually began to suffer from the devastating effects of her, including the threat of their lives. Several employees of the museum, with a picture of sloppy circulating soon died in terrible agony. One was in a serious car accident and broke almost every bone in his body, the other — fell ill with an incurable disease, and the third was burned alive in a home.

By the way, by the fire and killed one of the visitors, who while visiting an art gallery for a long time looking at "The Scream" and then decided to touch the picture of hands.

They say now is the owner of the work — a private collector who was not afraid to curse and bought "Scream" at the auction. Who is he and what is the fate of this man is a mystery, because the buyer decided to remain incognito.

Surprisingly, the fact remains that there are pictures that feed life and vitality of his sitters and creators.

People posing great artists, died one by one, almost immediately after the artist finished writing their portrait. Such tragic events pursued sitters Rubens, Somov, Borovikovsky, Vrubel, Repin, Serov, Petrova, Modigliani, Rembrandt and many others. These artists are united by one thing: the tragic death of the sitters. All of these people have been the victim of any disaster.

By the way, if you delve into the study of the biography of the artist, and their own lives, in most cases, can not be called a happy and serene.

It is not known what is causing all this, but not without reason ordinary people since ancient times feared and tried in every way to avoid having their portrait was painted. Needless to say, because even in an advanced modern society, you can meet people, who firmly believe in the mystical power of these portraits. In Islam, the portraits are prohibited, other religions forbid even do a photo as a souvenir.


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