Dancing — drunk forest on the spit. Kaliningrad

October 7, 2012 22:17

In Kaliningrad, in a national park Curonian Spit is a unique place, which is called "The Dancing Forest". Been there, you can see how the pine forest into deciduous and relict giant bushes give way, as suddenly plain to the hills. A relatively small area raised so many species of trees, many of which are in most parts of the earth for a long time remained in the distant past, this journey can be no doubt include travel not only in space but also in time. Finally, you will see first hand the mystery Curonian Spit: an unusual phenomenon — Dancing Forest.

You can also climb the highest sand dune in Europe — Dune Efa. The beaches are the best on the spit all over Kaliningrad coast. Wide and desert, with sand like powdered sugar, they leave a mark on the hearts of those who saw them at least once. But the question we are not talking about the beauty of Kaliningrad and the surrounding area, but about the Dancing Forest, places not only beautiful and interesting, but also has a clearly abnormal properties.

The main trail leads through the pine forest. Here, so far so good, nothing special, you are surrounded by trees just beautiful, but just a few steps to begin the anomaly. In fact, right before our eyes, the trees a little dance. In an area of approximately one square kilometer grow planted in the eighties of the last century pine. Most of the trees whimsically curved, and some at the bottom of even the "stranded" in the loop. No logical explanation for this phenomenon does not exist. Growing near the trees, planted in the same period, have the usual form.

The ancient Prussians had believed that coiled in tree rings are the gateway to the spirit world. It was believed that the last of these gates can get rid of the disease and return to our world of health, and in some cases, and found the supernatural. Or even, for example, there is a legend that if a way through a pine tree bending against the current time (ie, from west to east), then add to his year of life.

Understand the phenomenon of Dancing Forest tried many scholars put forward a variety of hypotheses. Invited here and psychic. Even a few meters, according to local residents, he felt something was wrong, then made a conclusion — this place has the strongest power, and can charge a little, but did not go very depths are limited to the outskirts of the mysterious forest. However, not all of it is suitable for "charging". Some have visited here often haunted by the dark forces, many pickers prefer to bypass Dancing Forest side. Local believe that this hotties gathered for the Sabbath, and not been able to leave the will of God, that those who stood still standing in the infernal dance. And so they stand up to the end of time. Felled trees — new grow the same, because the spirits of devils here attached.

Employees of the National Park in a clean mystique still do not believe, and believe that all matter in the geomagnetic field. Their action in this area is strong enough.

Science just does not know the cause of this phenomenon, there is only a set of hypotheses: natural factors, genetic factors, exposure to viruses and pests, and even a special space power of the place. Similar place called "Forest Troll" is in Denmark, and he is also on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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