Danone-Unimilk wants to continue to cooperate with the authorities in Belarus

The company "Danone-Unimilk" that on February 3 strongly criticized the head of the Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, issued an official statement.

It states that the company "Danone-Unimilk" "respects the opinion of the Belarusian authorities and will continue to work with them." It "is interested in building a relationship with the Belarusian dairy industry, creating new modern production and development of their resource bases."

It is also noted that "the policy of doing business" Danone "in globally is to act strictly in accordance with international agreements and national legislation. "

Lukashenko said at a meeting on the development of the dairy industry, said that "Unimilk" may be deprived of the right to work on the Belarusian market investor in the event of failure of the agreements by the end of the first quarter 2011a.

The Belarusian leader said about the inadmissibility of the country's export products with low added value. He said that the cooperation is limited to processing and export of drinking milk, and it's actually export of raw materials. Like, the company promised to create modern milk processing enterprises and to develop its resource base. "However, the implementation of these promises have not yet seen" — said Lukashenko.

Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus Alexander Yakobson said that started with "Unimilk" joint ventures — "Unimilk-Pruzany" and "Unimilk-Shkloŭ" — "engaged only in packages of milk bottling and selling it mainly for the Russian market."

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