Davydko: No one will pay attention to this list.

List of Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU, has attracted much public attention in Belarus. To the previous list of 40 people added another 117 names — senior officials, members of the Central Election Commission, judges, law enforcement agencies and journalists. How to react to the visa ban those who denied entry to the EU?

In the list of "banned" two heads of TV channels — the First and STV — and several TV journalists. Newly appointed chairman of BTRC Gennady Davydko opined:

"First of all, this list is made so sloppily, there is a feeling that some EU officials have signed something, just listen One way. A second party like it is not there. Just a shame how officials are working. If our officials so worked pouvolnyaem would all easy! Second, some people think that this is an insult, but I think it's a compliment and even honor. It turns out that I get into the list of the people who are most concerned about protecting their own homeland, independence, independence. This elite list, and I'm proud that I got into it. "

This elite list, and I'm proud that I got into it.

The list — guide the Information Analytical Center under the President: the director and his three deputies. Officials who are on the list, do not give comments, says the spokesperson of Xenia:

"This is our decision until the position is such that the total. It can, of course, change in a short time, but for now she is. Information field we know, because we keep track of it. But, unfortunately, at this point, at 12:47 we will not help you can. "

As for the people who have migrated to the current "black list" from the list in 2005, a spokesman for the presidential think-tank has expressed bewilderment:

"European bureaucracy takes us on a virtual environment, instead of on the actual situation, and so the list was compiled. Again, the effect of any inert bureaucracy in including and European. Therefore, we are always very happy to see all of European officials in Belarus to better understand our situation. "

Does not comment on the list of the European Union and the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, General Prosecutor's Office.

In the European Union — Ministry of Information management: minister and his two deputies. And also — almost half a dozen journalists from state media. During the two days we were trying to get a comment from someone leadership — to no avail.

Present in the list editor in chief of "Sovetskaya Belorussia" and four of his deputies. Deputy Editor in Chief Alexander Tarand says:

"I would not want to comment on that, honestly tell you. Because that's all I can barely perceive, it is not real and is not a healthy approach. "

Reporter"That's what you personally oversees the direction of the newspaper?"

"I personally supervise the direction of social development, the department of its own correspondents and newspaper" Belarus — Russia ". I'm sorry, I do not want to talk about it. "

By the way, in the preamble to the Rules of the European Council stated that included in the "black list" of citizens have the right to "To express their disagreement."

But BTRC Chairman Gennady Davydko expressed the opinion:

"I'm sure if I want to, I can go quietly, as no one, I hope, and even know, no one will pay attention to this list, even at the embassies of these same states."

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