December 12, 2012. Ascension less than two days!

December 12, 2012, from 11 hours and 11 minutes on our planet will Wave Energy, which will take place each time zone one hour — 12 hours 12 minutes. The waves will flow from Russia — with its most extreme point on the east. The wave then moves on to Russia and take over: Japan, Korea, China, Australia and so on to the west all the continents and countries. In this connection the Ascension on the planet will begin in stages from 12 am on Dec. 12, and then everything will be as stated in the address … NARADA

When just a few days until the first part of your passing through a powerful wave of energy (the planet will wave energy), we advise you to try to free yourself from all the work (to stay home that day), number 12 (December 12) to fully relax and enjoy it . As a key element of your ascension process, it needs to fully understand and remember because of its strength. Not everyone will have the same experience, but if you are ready for it, then you still have memories of the changes occurring within you. Some of you will wake up from a dream about 11.11 (11 hours and 11 minutes in the morning each time zone) Coordinated Universal Time, and will be able to fully understand what's going on. Others will sleep at this time, but they will have vivid dreams when the work energy. Whatever it was, everyone will get the energy and derive benefit from them, regardless of whether they are staying awake at this time or not.

The onset of the Ascension so quickly after the 12.12 (12 hours 12 minutes — from noon on December 12) means that you will have an ongoing experience that will strengthen your senses and leave you no doubt that he will go to benefit. This is a very inspiring event, and among those whom you will meet, will be dominated by a new mood, full of happiness and joy. You can feel the difference in the people around you and experience a profound peace and tranquility, as if suddenly all the darkness disappeared. It will appear in the eyes of the people, because in the end they are the seat of the soul, and love will radiate more strongly than you noticed before. Hardships of life will disappear and be replaced by a lovely relaxing feeling as though you have no cares in the world, and this is our dear, is exactly what we want you to be. Problems and struggles related to your normal life, will be gradually eliminated the changes that are preparing to happen.

If you are someone who is experiencing little change within yourself, do not worry, because depending on your metabolism, it will affect some people differently. From this month on your progress will accelerate to the extent that, as a growing excitement at the prospect of disclosure. It can occur in different ways, so expect surprises because some possibilities are open. We still prefer the organized disclose it to be an official event, which will thunder around the world. Many countries have already indicated that they would welcome us, and each of them individually will be paid a visit. Global events such as the demonstration flight, there will be a little later after the general adoption of our presence. We always consider the possibility that the fear factor can not be completely eliminated.

People will soon start to talk among themselves about the process of Ascension, when they heard that something big to happen. Among them, the confusion will reign, because they will not know who to turn to for the truth. Being the Light Workers, you can come into its own and gently spread the word, making sure not to exaggerate the scenario of the "end times." Too many people are embellished stories about the "end of the world", not knowing that the end is just a new beginning. The New Earth is waiting for you, and as before it will take care of your needs, which will be quite different than it is now. In fact, due to the fact that your needs will be minor, cleansed Mother Earth will be able to concentrate on their own needs.

As you begin to understand, love is the key to everything, and you will be her divine expression as embodied beings. To be free to share your love with all of life is a new experience for you. You could have your moments of duality, but in the future you will know what it is, when it becomes a normal state. However, do not forget to love yourself and, for this is in any case not selfish to recognize their divine self. Be love and give love, and it will come back to you tenfold. Imagine yourself not to give away questioning the intentions of another person in relation to you, and be able to trust everyone. Soon you'll get used to the new environment that will be more than desirable after your lives in duality.

As soon as your vibration will raise, you will find that you can not only stop the aging process, but also to reverse it. This is good news for those who belong to the older generation. Ultimately, all souls will be based on a crystalline body, expressing that what you were in their prime. You will have excellent health, because disease can not exist in the higher dimensions. It also means that for the same reason you can not bring any shortcomings. In all the higher worlds exist perfection of all forms of life, which have elevated levels of consciousness. In speaking with trees or any object that got into your field of view, you will get the answer.

The changes also affect the weather and you will find it perfect in her daily temperature conditions. There will be no need for the day and night, for your need for sleep is much less than it is now. With a lighter body, which is to some extent self-heal, your need to ensure it is also insignificant. Most of your needs will ultimately be achieved from the energy around you, but nevertheless, we are still using a light meal and drink delicious natural drinks. Now you understand why we are traveling the universe in our Mothership, are self-sufficient and, in any case, our needs are very low. Understand that your body will have a different structure, and you will not experience hunger pangs as of now.

Do not expect that change will come all at once, as they usually come in process of your evolution and progress through different dimensions. Whatever it was, it's nice to know that you are waiting in front, and what you will seek further. In the meantime, the most important thing for you is not to weaken its concentration on Ascension and avoid anything that still belongs strictly lower vibrations. You must continue to purify your body and get rid of all that relates to the three-dimensional world. You leave it now and can not take the old affection. This should be easy, because they do not bring you any good. You may also find that is separated from his circle of old friends, as they no longer represent your interests.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and together with his colleagues from the Galactic Federation of Light, I wish you a successful personal journey to ascension. Be aware that many of the Supreme Being will accompany you to the end.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
A little bit about the transition

On all the planets in our galaxy usually begins with the fall of the magnetic field, which then becomes unstable. This is followed by the destruction of civilization and the later stages. It takes no more than two years.

The first sign of the beginning of the transition of our planet in another dimension is the sharp drop in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is known to science for over two thousand years, since the advent of Jesus, all the time decreases. In the last 500 years is weakening significantly stronger. As we approach the moment of transition of the magnetic field at all will go crazy.

The last thirty years, and characteristic changes in the structure of the magnetic field lines. For example birds abandon their usual places of migration.

Later events may develop in several scenarios. The field may roll over, and then swapped. Or reaching zero, the field will restore the same configuration as the poles, but will have a completely different axis.

Besides that, before moving to another dimension will be other, more subtle energy effects, such as changes in Shumannovskoy frequency (fundamental resonant frequency of the Earth), but the most prominent are geomagnetic changes.

A special value of the magnetic field due to its effects on the human brain, when the field intensity falls to zero and remains at this point for more than two weeks. According to Russian studies, when the astronauts were outside the Earth's geomagnetic field for more than two weeks, they literally lost his mind. The same thing happened after the Fall of Atlantis, when it plunged into the ocean, people lose their memory. Apparently, the earth's magnetism support our memory in a consistent state (! Recall cassette magnetic tape!). In Russia, for example, invented a small device attached to a belt that maintain the normal electromagnetic field around the body, when the astronaut is in space. I believe that NASA did the same.

Not knowing what was happening, most people try to play the familiar images of the old world, the things that they are familiar with. But the new world is so strange that all their fears come to life. They see people long dead, the events of his past.

Jesus (Matthew 26:52 ..). But he also said: (The Gospel of

Matthew 5:5.), So if you come into a new world with just a thought that is what will manifest around you.

But always remember no matter what happens Perun -.


Have not seen this before, so I decided to publish it. Thanks for the link Ulyana.
For me, this is what a fantasy on the theme of his freedom, but maybe I do not understand … In any case, whether the rapture or not — we will see very soon. Less than two days left.
SURE that all will survive and feel great, no matter what happens to


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