Developed a battery with supplies for 20 years

Developed a battery with a stock of 20 years

The Canadian company City Labs announced the release of a small-sized battery NanoTritium, designed to operate with microelectronic components. The battery is the size of a finger provides a device-to-consumer food for more than 20 years, thanks to the current element — tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

The need for long-term power elements evident in those cases when it comes to expensive either microelectronics components that are placed in inaccessible locations, or access to them is associated with certain threats. If any of these options substitution batteries recommended by the ability to create less often, and do the batteries need to be, respectively, very roomy, which was not easily conventional technologies such as lithium-ion BATTERY. Because the project engineers City Labs use tritium.

Superheavy hydrogen in small quantities is found in the upper layers of the atmosphere, but is also done for commercial use in nuclear reactors. The half-life of tritium is 12.32 years, but for the average consumer of the service life of the battery exceeds 20 years. As reported, the company Lockheed Martin conducted an independent examination of NanoTritium and found that the "battery" can withstand extreme temperatures (-50 to +150 degrees Celsius), brings great languid vibrations and rise to great heights.

Developed a battery with a stock of 20 years

Company City Labs implies that tritium battery will be able to be used in the research of temperature and pressure sensors, mental detectors, implantable medical items, charging stations for conventional lithium-ion BATTERY, semi-passive and active RFID-tags, research gallakticheskih modules, systems, spare copy the contents of RAM, a marine oil spill sensors and low-power microprocessors .

In addition, company granted a license for the implementation of the battery model P100a NanoTritium consumers who are not authorized to work with radioactive materials. As stated by City Labs, at the current time, the cost of the item measures the "thousands of dollars", but in the future the price will fall, will also increase the capacity of similar batteries.

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