Developer modern military uniforms: the army will change clothes at the end of the year

The developer of the new uniforms: the army will change clothes at the end of the year

The creation of the newest issue of military uniforms standing in front of the control of the Defense Ministry since 2009. Create new standards for military uniforms were then invited to the famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. But then numerous prirekaniya by the military have raised doubts as developed by the designer clothing samples. Yudashkin himself soon admitted that a "modern form" does not have anything to do, because the military is not putting it on notice pererablotali all the designers.

In December 2012 the Ministry of Defense was accomplished presentation of the newest form of fundamentally developed by the St. Petersburg company "BTK Group".

There, in the presentation, management of Russian Defense Ministry announced that the newest form of 500 sets of which have already passed the tests in the Arctic, the southern regions of Siberia and Central Russian Federation, the army will be provided in 2014. About how to create a brand new form, whose technology was used in its development, and how to wear it correctly "fundamentally new" uniforms, in an interview with RIA Announcements Sergei Garifullina told the senior vice-president of "BTK groups" Temerlan Darsigov.

— Temerlan Bamat-Gireevich, tell briefly about the history of the creation of the modern form.

— For over 5 years, our company is developing new standards for different outfits power structures of. In 2009, it developed a set of field molds for the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of the States members of the Organization of the Collective Contract (CSTO), in 2010 — brand new field to a form of special purpose units of the Ministry of Defense.

Problem deliver 500 sets of modern combined arms field form for the test was set socks glove Department of the Ministry of Defence first in 2011. Thanks to the expertise, specialists "BTK groups" were able to complete puzzle in the shortest possible time, and in December of the same year, the first kits have been delivered for testing socks in units of the Armed Forces.

It was necessary to take into account that the Russian armed forces are deployed in a variety of weather criteria, because in winter the temperature ranges from 10 ° C in the Krasnodar region to -40 ° C in Siberia. Because we applied the principle of multi-layer, which allows to combine different elements of clothing according to the weather criterion.

— Many people associate one created by your company to the one worn by the soldiers and officers of other states. Indeed if in the process of creation had taken some zabugornye technology, if so, which countries?

— Yes. Our company has used the advanced world experience and applied modern technology and materials, with the result that was created by a set of field form the latest generation of the respective best world analogues. I've already read about the principle of layering, which We have applied in the development of this form. The same principle is a form for the armies of many countries, such as, for example, the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Finland and others.

— This is a fundamentally new girl or a modified form of the ancient?

— We were not tasked to finalize and make a fundamentally new season set basic uniforms (Field form) That meets the highest demands on the field form and in no way inferior to the military outfit enormous armies of the world.

We have managed to significantly reduce the weight and volume of clothing that, of course, very fundamentally, since the criteria for soldiers in the field, and so are very busy: they can be a bullet-proof vest, any other equipment in the hands of the gun. In the new form, I can assure you they will be more comfortable.

— What is in this set, and what is its cost? Everyone will be able to purchase it in specialized stores (PX)?

The developer of the new uniforms: the army will change clothes at the end of the year

— A brand new form consists of eight so-called layers sochitaya soldiers who fail to provide for themselves the best level of comfort regardless of the weather criteria and the tasks performed. Just set includes 19 pieces, including three pairs of shoes.
Spec "BTK groups" for the first time offered odezhki items such as fleece jacket, wind and waterproof suit, winter shoes for very low temperatures, a hat, a mask (balaclava), we have proposed instead a muffler scarf-bib, replaced the classic "ear flaps" comes a modern winter hat, which is more convenient to use in combination with a helmet or modern means of communication.

The package price is dependent on the amount of the order and the currently being coordinated by the Ministry of Defence. And the decision to sell the newest forms in specialized stores will also be taking control of Russian military.

In addition, I wish to direct your attention to what's new form Noske more than the present. If at this point the soldier receives a uniform one year, then we developed a set designed to toe for 3-5 years. That's why you plan to make the newest form of inventory assets, in other words, when the service is its main elements will give up and after cleaning the newly issued military. But, of course, this does not apply, for example, in underwear, which will be issued to each just called with the assembly flow.

— Where are the test form, and which is able to identify the weaknesses? In the neighborhood of what the military will be sent to "pilot" 70 thousand sets and when to begin the first delivery?

— Five hundred experimental sets were delivered in eight military units located in several regions of the Russian Federation with a variety of climatic criteria (Arctic, Siberia and Central Our homeland).

Employees of the Company have been prepared with special annotations tips when combining layers, depending on the weather criterion, also held briefings on the use of modern forms in each unit. According to results of the first prototype socks were surveyed participated in her troops.

Serious comments to the form does not appear anybody. The main comments concerned the improvement of the individual parts. For example, have been extended a warm jacket (eighth layer), and a suit jacket in the summer, added internal waterproof pockets for documents, insulated pants belt made up to protect the back and so on.

What's all the same for the first shipment, then subject to the timely conclusion of the agreement with the Ministry of Defence, they are scheduled for the second half of 2013. Exactly where they will be targeted, is dependent on management decisions Russian military.

— Told me more, which includes a manual annotation recent form?

— In the manufacture of new uniforms used new fabrics and materials, functional knowledge and abilities are essentially the same as the knowledge of the tactical and technical characteristics of a species of arms. Because, as I've read, the transition at all the latest field form, which includes a huge number of parts, can not happen without the preliminary work.

our instructions, we talk about how to correctly combine the layers of the new uniforms, and that you put on in order to keep warm, or, on the contrary, not be covered with sweat. First you need to realize that an incorrect composition of mold is not allowed to reach the right effect. There is no point, for example, put a lot of warm clothes even — 40 ° C if the planned march, as in this state over-activity of the body heat up itself, as the body needs to breathe and quickly drain away. But if a fighter is in the post and not moving around a lot, in this case it is necessary to use additional form elements that will warm it.

The application of modern field form, ultimately, will allow our soldiers to do more good out their tasks. And the experts at our company are ready to provide all necessary assistance to the Ministry of Defence, as we have done in the performance of previous contracts.

— According to the military, the Russian army is one hundred percent will go to the newest form in 2014. Today signed a contract between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and of "BTK Group" designed to supply military uniforms?

— Now the contract is not signed yet, but we pin our hopes that it will be concluded in recent times, because it is necessary to start the production of building materials and planned work for the long term, and in order to first in time sets entered service . This is essentially the same for the industry as a whole, long-term contracts which allow you to plan and produce a great investment in the modernization of production.

— Does your company expand the "sphere of influence" and to enter into contracts, making a military uniform with the other countries of the world, let us say, with the countries of the CIS?

— First, our conversation I mentioned that in 2009, our company has supplied 20 thousand sets of specially designed forms for the CSTO RRF, in addition, we have supplied in the form of countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.
Not so long ago, the Ministry of Defence announced the start of the experimental socks field form developed by the Norwegian company. We could be happy if Ukrainian colleagues turned to our special because we are convinced that our development is not inferior to foreign analogues.

— Many human rights activists blame the frequent diseases of Russian military form of pneumonia that is not perfectly protects the health of military personnel. Do you think that this is really the problem was caused by the product quality or the same question the competence of the founding fathers of the commanders?

— I think that this issue is rather to ask the representatives of the Ministry of Defense and to the competent authorities, who conducted, as I understand, checking on each case of disease. As for the "BTK groups", then the form that was performed by the contract with the Ministry of Defense, was sewn in strict accordance with the technical criteria provided by the customer, and quality claims has ever made.

— The website of your company is material, according to which JSC "BTK Group" signed a contract for the supply of uniforms and the ready odezhki for employees of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the amount of more than 274 million rubles. When investigators will see the first samples of the newest forms? How many sets they ordered? In what year was scheduled to perform this contract?

— Our company has developed a form for the Investigative Committee, which is called, from zero in 2012, because the earlier the agency had its own uniform clothes. The contract for the creation and delivery was made in October of the same year. Now all the commitments made at one hundred percent, and the form delivered to all regions of Russia. I hope that the staff of the Investigative Committee will be pleased to go to work in the newest form developed specifically for them.

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