Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

The gun, which we wish to tell you in this article, as if descended from the pages of comic books and mind-blowing stories of Ray Bradbury. But now that decade fantasy rapidly translated into reality, also are stepping into the future with great strides.

Naturally, in the XXI century, as many want, the instrument has to do as a defensive function and offensive. And that would be at the moment neither read as scientists, but management tools, which would fit in all ways, to this day does not exist in nature, like the scientists nor fought over its development, many of which have so far carried out in a completely hidden criteria. By the way, it is not clear why the black out. And suddenly, in the margins of academic institutions will be created is a bio weapon, about which we know only after it will be used against us?

Note, however, a multi-use tool is slowly beginning to put into effect due to laser weapons, which today is the most massive of all weapons countries such as America and our homeland. However, in Russia so far to the stately skeptical gaze at the laser gun, and you can even add that to this day in the minds of many there are a number of legends and unjustified, by the way, which reduce the degree of awareness of the threat of weapons produced. For example, that the energy of the laser gun is negligible. Yes, if … For example, if you take one calculation comparisons, it turns out that for one moment the laser is able to "throw" energy comparable with the explosion of 14 pounds of explosives. Well, it did not seem so miserably? Imagine being able to make a cross-sectional fired several laser guns? And that may remain after them, not counting the scorched desert? Also, many developers condemn laser guns, arguing that such a shot is worth millions of dollars. Yet this is not the case. If you compare all the costs, a shot from the laser gun and do not exceed 10 thousand dollars, but the damage it can inflict, will include not only the currency issue, and the question of life. And even death. And this, mind you, is the worst-case scenario in the application of laser guns, directed towards a person.

The laser gun. History of occurrence.

Naturally, the tool of the future, so we will also call him, started to develop more in the U.S., then joined them on the sly, and other "strong" this world.

At a time when political games often involve defenseless population, it was necessary to come up with a tool that would not harm people, and served only to eliminate the risk of electric devices, or for demonstrations or calming the raging crowd.

The main developer — the Pentagon — refers to the laser weapon "non-lethal" and they are partially right — no desire to harm it would not cause severe injuries. But it also depends on the ultimate goal, which is put in front of him or the authority of the other country, as all the same it is a tool — a breakthrough in the science of man-made creation of defensive systems. As is clear, though what weapon is unsafe, and if it is in the hands of fools, the third Global peace is assured.

Of course, there is still no small devices that can shoot and hit the enemy with laser beams, but once you look at the pace of development of armaments, and then surprising is — what will the world in 20 years? Maybe now everyone will be walking around with laser guns that have huge power. That at least slightly to give you aware of the mechanisms of laser guns, and become familiar with its most famous "representatives" and standards, in this article we decided to tell you a little about the processes of production of the laser, as on several areas of its likely implementation, in order to take Further, you are not only not surprised a changing world, and were ready for a new, very massive guns on the ground, well in space, too.

Chemical lasers

The laser cannon began to develop in the United States at the end of XX century.

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

The initial task — defense and military purposes. Although after repeated experiments revealed that it can also be used in industrial applications, but with a very huge percentage of the probable pollution. Also, after a while found that chemical lasers, which include chlorine gas, molecular iodine, hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide, are not safe for people, because in a couple of years after the beginning of the subsequent development of the laser experiments, it was decided to finish, much less that all scientists , and the staff is now the Pentagon drew attention to the solid-state laser, calling it the nicest of all available at the time.

But it's chemical laser of military goods did not come out, although it is not many who reads and distribute such announcements, for the development of chemical, as, in general, and biological weapons should be made public so that people can know what is happening behind the stone walls of academia .

Solid-state laser

Solid-state lasers, on the idea of their creators, should be used for tactical fighter class (JSF) F-35.

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

By the way, the work of such a laser, according to developers, is not dangerous and more environmentally friendly, as opposed to the past development of chemical laser, and apart from that, solid-state lasers do not require a lot of "base", as chemical that needed a medium such as a Boeing 747 which have been loaded in their own tanks needed to "spray" toxic substances, which greatly increases the territorial capacity. With all of this, do not forget to take into account the speed and maneuverability of flight fighters, which were mounted lasers, in contrast to the huge passenger aircraft. Solid-state laser designed to destroy air and ground targets in self-defense or threat of attack appeared.

Thanks to the solid-state lasers can protect the air space of the country on small distances up to 10 miles, which is very useful in attacks contrived or obvious opponents.

By the way, by "Northrop" has developed a new class of solid-state laser, whose power in the near future promises to increment up to 159 kW, which, of course, will claim extra time, but acquired, and the results will justify the money spent and the time spent in development. Judging by the new developments, such power will be reached as soon as possible for us, and we will soon see the real power of the laser guns.

Aircraft laser system

For the development of programs from ABL U.S. government allocates billions of dollars, as, in general, and military service in general.

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

By the way, the amount of the initial development was several times lower than that spent in the end means, but specifically it is the desire of the U.S. military and scientists to get new, the most massive gun, led them to the desired result.

Boeing YAL-1-pilot combat aircraft capable of using massive airborne laser to destroy different objects enemy. By the way, the advantage of the defense industry is that there is now an opportunity to destroy ballistic missiles at launch or even on its initial flight phase, which makes it even more unthreatening environment also allows for full control of the weapon of the enemy.

Since 2009, the United States began in landfills conducted tests to verify the quality of the work and made airborne laser, as a result of which the researchers were able, generating a situation likely to kill ballistic missiles in flight, which showed the correctness of the progress of the Pentagon's military.

The operation itself was carried out in several steps:

1. Thanks to the on-board detectors was found purpose — a ballistic missile, located on the platform at sea.
2. The accuracy of the contact after study of the impact of the atmosphere.
3. Fired. Megawatt-class Airborne Laser warmed rocket launch than could cause irreversible destruction that led to the destruction of the enemy's guns.

The whole operation took less than 2-minutes, which confirms the efficiency of the new tools.

By the way, thanks to new developments and the introduction of classroom technology could reach a record high laser power ABL — 1 MW, which also gave rise to a variety of jokes and stories. They are related to the fact that this power is engendered enormous difficulties of the laser related to the overheating of various parts aircraft carrier that is not a positive factor, as some alloys used in the work, for example dural lose their sturdiness already at 150 degrees. What there to talk about the temperature that is at times more vyshukazannoy?

In addition, thanks to the clear guidance of the laser occurs instant ability to define a class missiles, and its structural design that in the next few moments before impact will help fine-tune the laser power "laser beam."

Microwave instrument (DMI)

According developers microwave guns class HPM it works through the use of radio frequency waves saturated whose action may be oriented as the military and the civilian purposes, providing different military units.

From this concept, it becomes clear exactly how the system will work weaponry. The electric field induced by the voltage of the laser system enemies — via antenna dome, doors or openings in the room, which should be "neutralized", and then disables the bodywork and probable software which interrupts for a long time operation of all electrical systems.

Naturally, the final outcome or damage which may be applied by means of HPM, is dependent on the distance to the target, the ability of penetration. In general, some scholars refer to four possible levels of impact on the operation systems of the enemy:

— obstruction — due to such effects transceiver devices can not work;

— Disinformation — getting the wrong disk imaging;

— Transitional change — there is a direct impact on the status of the electrical components of the device;

— ineradicable damage — all the devices on which the action-oriented tools, fail.

Such an instrument is used in different ways and can be for a variety of vehicles, both ground and air.

Thanks HPM can protect military vessels and aircraft, anti-tank systems are also suppress enemy air defense systems, where in most cases and start massive strikes.

Laser-based gallakticheskogo (SBL)

These lasers have been made specifically to protect the country from the targeting of ballistic missiles from space. By the way, this occurrence is justified with 2 factors: the ballistic missiles are more susceptible to laser shock, there is also the possibility of defeat missiles still on the rise, which greatly simplifies the work of the defense industry of the country.

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

According to the developers, the range of a shot of laser devices achieves 5 thousand kilometers. At different levels of intensity of the final result is also different. For example, the average intensity of the laser cladding will burn only a little rocket. Already more powerful — it will destroy the boosters, which will lead to a complete breakdown of ballistic attacks.

Only through the use of special material have the opportunity in a couple of times to increment the protection of ballistic missiles from hitting the laser, but it is a powerful blow to reflect this method will not work.

They also found that the SBL system will consist of a constellation of satellites (about 20 units), flying in low Earth orbit. Of course, such things as the type of orbit satellites and the best height will depend on the possible danger, as the radius of possible defeat.

According to the latest reports, the development of such weapons had already invested more than 6 billion dollars, and an experimental platform should appear in the orbit of the Earth in 2012.

Lasers space defense system

By the way, the danger may lie in wait not only on the ground and in space, as we know, the satellites are more vulnerable to shocks laser media than any other device. Recall that the work of the satellite is dependent on the temperature is maintained well and the laser to its exposure to significantly change the rate, which will lead to irreversible consequences.

Specifically for this purpose was created laser weapon class ASAT. It is located on the aircraft points within the spectrum of the protected satellite. You can, of course, have the laser tool and devices on the ground, but it deprives the ability frisky response, such weapons will still need to detect the satellite. In general, also considered the possibility of using and airborne laser as an anti-gun, but the problem of the use of this technique was not quite working correctly support and guidance of the laser at the target, which sought increased costs and time to study the possible consequences.

Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL)

This laser has been created thanks to the work of American and Israeli scientists. The laser itself consists of 3 components — specifically 2-laser systems are also radar system capable to track down and accompany purpose. The mechanism of operation does not distinguish from other laser systems — radar detects a target to be killed, after finding laser machine began its work, and within a few minutes lasted blow "laser beam", which destroyed the operation of the device at one hundred percent.

Development of laser weapons or war in 3D

The first version of this tool had a very big disadvantage — there was no mobility of laser equipment, which is influenced by the ability of territorial defense with it, however, in 2007, due to the large investment of the Israeli authorities, the laser "gun" has been brought to mind.

Liquid target

Development of a liquid target missiles began in 2003 at the request of the U.S. military. In this case, the project itself has been painstakingly encrypted, and after a while even it became clear why, and in what order it happened. It turns out that at the opening of a "military secrets" scientists reported underreporting and the results acquired by experience. It looks like some South American warriors decided not to apply on their own weapons, which could become a threat to its neighbors and enemies of the country.

Of course, as we have read as above, so far in people's minds is the only laser gun fantasies of various science fiction, but unfortunately, this is the reality of the present. XXI century is the development of means for classroom technology and sverhtehnologichny devices for homeland defense, and for the conquest of others. By the way, Russian military forces until now increasingly looking to the more old, conventional weapon — this military equipment and anti-aircraft missile systems, armored vehicles and tanks.

Unfortunately, the technology developed by scientists at such a pace and with such financial investments, as is the case in the U.S., soon will make the most massive cannon, which by its own force of harm can exceed even the bio weapon, and thanks to the guidance range by pressing one button, a reddish a few seconds of the Government of the house will be destroyed here and there on the other side of the earth.

What after all is a Laser?

If you recall one of the mind-blowing novels, even the ignorant and the most slow-witted all the work and the process of defense due to laser weapons will become very clear: "… narrow as a needle, the beam pipe cut-off larger plants, cutting like a hot knife, armor battleships … . "

The worst thing is that a couple of years to some foolish scientist will come up with the idea of creation of the laser beam, by which it will be possible to manage people. After all, these kinds of actions were carried out in America, and after fled to other countries. Laser — this radiation is thermal energy, which so far focused only on liquidation or military facilities or the creation of radio frequencies for interference-free transmission disk imaging.

So now, it is no secret that the California company «HSV Technologies» has created a non-lethal laser acts, which affects the operation of the muscle, to be exact causes spasms, which then paralyzes on who this beam was focused. It is also clear, and that thanks to the company «Motorola» was established on the basis of a laser device capable in combat distinguish "us" from "outsiders" — the device bears the title CIDDS. One part is mounted on the helmet of a fighter, the second — on the gun. When the contact between with 2 beams, the module sends CIDDS military radio signal that alerts the discovery of "their". In this case, the process of recognition takes less than a second.

Because the period of the creation of the laser effects on humans, as a close combat weapon that will work in the same way, completely real and even more willing to say, soon expected. So it may be that the creators of "Star Wars" and were not really so far removed from what is happening in the world right now.

And before the judge of how it is unreal and fantastic, study materials are increasingly appearing on the development of this or another laser gun, which so far, by the way, is used only to protect against potential attacks. And depending on how military scientists will study and make massively instrument century, which in the future will be, perhaps, the only active force and power, you can imagine that some countries are preparing for the latest war, the scale of which fail to match any war past centuries.

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