Director galleries pursues unknown creature

October 7, 2012 3:16

Removing the mystery novel "Shadows unforgotten ancestors," Lubomir Levitsky faced with mysticism in life.

The director claims that the shot on a mobile phone otherworldly creature in the Carpathians called "Lisno." The case was two years ago, during the pre-production of the film "Saw." In the video, which laid out the network Lubomir really see something resembling the outline of a human figure. However, this is debatable. That's what it is impossible to argue with is the fact that the counterpart Lubomir, who was with him at this point in the forest was taken to hospital with a strange illness. According to Lubomir the guy 'eyes looked like a horror movie. " Doctors could not say what happened to him. A few months later all was resolved itself.

Lubomir now takes a mystical thriller "Shadows unforgotten ancestors." The basis of the plot is based on the legend of the Carpathian Zgarda that the director told molfar (in Hutsul culture of people having supernatural powers approx. Aut.) And director again feels that he is being persecuted.

"From the very beginning of pre-production film, I suspected that I was pursuing something, — Lubomir wrote on his page on social networks. — I asked one elder Carpathian for an explanation of what is happening. To which he replied, that's different and can not be. After all, I get involved in the mystery, which was kept for centuries, and any secret guarded by unseen forces … "

I want to believe that the release date for all of these stories have no effect. Rent "Shadows of unforgotten ancestors" should fall in April 2013.

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