Doctor: Neklyaeva deprived of freedom, but not the right to medical assistance

Society from the point of view of the Belarusian laws and the president and the prisoner have the same right to receive adequate medical care. Targeted neakazanne such aid is treated as an attack on human life.

Ex-candidate allowed to "correspondence" medical care

According to the wife of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, her husband, who was recently transferred from the KGB prison to house arrest, allowed part-time medical service — on the phone. "I can call the doctor, describe the state of his health, and only doctor on the basis of descriptions may prescribe certain pills."

Meanwhile Minsk known medical experts claim that "doctors should not treat the call as to assign proper treatment is possible only on the basis of elemental screening."

Poet and former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu was severely beaten on December 19. With the diagnosis of "traumatic brain injury", he was taken to a hospital emergency room. But on orders from above meant it was urgent treatment is suspended, and the patient was taken in custody in the KGB jail. Unhealed traumatic brain injury complicated hypertension. During his imprisonment in jail Nekljaev suffered several hypertensive crisis, including loss of consciousness. According to official information, the doctors examined the prisoner, and he received proper medical care. Nothing dangerous to his health in the KGB detention center, as well as in hospital emergency rooms, was not found.

To say that was a crisis — it's the same thing as to say nothing. It is necessary to know its objective characteristics.

Issued or those who have provided medical assistance to the poet in the KGB detention center, a reference on how to proceeded crisis, which was the pressure, intended drugs? Or to give any advice on how to cure the patient? — We asked the wife of Vladimir Olga.

Neklyaeva"That's it, no one gave. Though lawyers asked for it, Vladimir himself as I know, ask about it. There, as I knew him, and medications are not always issued. Already close and bring him to drink . Now I own doctor. fact that he's home, it is still better. And in the sense of taking the medication, and in the sense of space. After all, we small room in which we live. A camera was half, but there were five of them . Also home it is better psychologically. Indeed, there have been questioning and strong moral pressure. However all the time thinking of those who stayed there. Relax, he can not. "

Freedom"As far as we can understand, you are giving pills to her husband, who in absentia by a doctor. Gipertonikam However, sometimes you need something and stab, including the vein, also make cardiogram. Whether this will be undertaken by those settled in your next room? How Now do these things? "

Olga"Well, no way. I do not know. Maybe if that," fast "will cause. I asked whether a doctor. They said you can not. Seems that no doctor come to us can not. They are, however, told I can talk with the doctor, to consult, but the doctor can not see it. "

The doctor must see the patient reflexes

As far as may be appropriate is healed? Or not at risk of health professionals, and the more patient when he is being treated uslyapuyu? These are the questions I ask Minsk cardiologist and resuscitation Paulo.

Prisoners should receive the same care as everyone else.

Paul"The doctor can not and should not give advice over the phone. Reflexes He needs to see the patient. Listen to breath, to measure heart rate, see the eyes, pupils, identify various nevralyagichnyya symptoms. Also stomach. Sometimes the pressure is a secondary matter. A person may, for example , renal pathology, resulting in a pressure increase. Therefore it is necessary to do tests. elementary screening examination. Plus blood pressure measured regularly, but on the background it needs to do a cardiogram. Given TBI also have to look further. "

Freedom"Information transferred crisis — something she says a doctor in the sense of purpose (again via phone) the proper treatment?"

Paul"To say that there was a crisis — it's the same thing as to say nothing. Need to know the objective characteristics of the crisis. When a person is wrong, then the employee shall record medchastki insulator which he was the pressure he felt at the same time, or choking, or lose consciousness. Such information and observations sent for further treatment in place for the appointment of an adequate therapy. Services should be in any case, regardless of the situation and the place where the person is located. During the war, in freedom or captivity. Neklyaeva imprisoned, but he was not deprived of the right to health care. least we, physicians, this is not reported. Prisoners should receive the same care as everyone else. "

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