Dried America make the world tremble

In the central part of the U.S. to establish unprecedented heat. The National Weather Service has recorded since the beginning of July 670 temperature records. According to local residents, the air is so red hot that the dashboard is quite possible to fry eggs. Number of victims of natural anomaly has reached 39 people.

The most dangerous situation in Phoenix, the capital of southwestern Arizona. There thermometer for 33 consecutive days held around the mark +38 ° C. Forecasters say that this is not the limit. They predicted that the temperature increase expected in 24 states, including Alabama, Texas, Illinois and others. In the Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Memphis and Evansville because moisture situation is life-threatening, reports CNN.

The steady heat dried fields and threatened to leave the country without a crop. The entire territory of Texas, where temperatures recently rarely drops below +40 ° C, is declared a disaster area. Farmers are suffering huge losses. Due to lack of grass and water they have to slaughter. In this regard, experts predict that in the near time, the world is waiting for the rise in prices of food products.

"The weather conditions in the current year in the United States, where in some agricultural regions of the severe drought, may be another catalyst for global growth in food prices due to lower volumes of crop forecasts for major crops. Despite the fact that the area under maize was increased, yields wheat, soybeans and barley may be lower than expected, it would reinforce the global trend to an increase in food prices, "- told"Ytra"Analysts MFH "Fibo Group".

It is not just the United States suffer from natural anomalies. Temperature puts records in China, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia and other countries.

And in Austria and Slovenia, hail the size of a hen's egg. Element eliminated over three thousand hectares of farmland. Hailstones punched through the roofs of houses and left dents in cars. Experts have estimated the damage at about € 1 million.

And the residents of South America traditionally warm freeze. Dozens of people have been victims in Bolivia strongest snowstorm. In several parts of the country declared a state of emergency.

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