Drive Sabu — ancient stone propeller?


Incredible archaeological finds, even made some time ago, excite scientists, and not remain indifferent to the social consciousness of our time. Included in the list of such items and the famous "drive Sabu."

The name of the artifact was named after the ancient Egyptian official Saba, who was buried in the mastaba — Egyptian tomb period and the Early Old Kingdom, that is, even before the construction of the pyramids. Mastaba of Sabu is close to the Egyptian village of Sakara. The famous Egyptologist Walter Emerey excavated tombs of the village. And in 1936, from the tomb of Sabu was recovered artifact, still dogged all who are interested in archeology and the history of mankind.

Sabu disc is a circular projection of the product in black stone and metal, for some strange logic, called the plate. Stone of the disc consists of three having a difficult bend the petals, curving around the edges to the center. The center stone is a cylindrical hole, resembling a sleeve. The metal part of the product is a wire about one centimeter in diameter, connecting the petals and gives the product a general shape of a circle.

Appointment of unknown artifact immediately caused a lively debate in the scientific community. How to use a plate disk Sabu was impossible. From the point of view of modern logic, the disc could also be a part of the luminaire. Perhaps his appointment could tell similar artifacts, but they are not. Drive Sabu — the world find this form.
Theoretically, by analogy with modern equipment, the disc could be part of a certain device for mixing some liquid or solids. However, no trace evidence of the disk contact with chemicals or abrasives were found.

Drive Sabu — a round stone "plate" diameter of 70 centimeters, with three curved blades. Middle of this plate has a hub. This detail has allowed researchers to make the assumption that the disc — part of some larger and complex mechanism.

Original theory about the purpose of the disc Sabu suggested the famous Swiss writer, filmmaker and UFO researcher Erich von Daniken. According to him, the artifact is very much like a propeller plane. Official science was taken aback at first, and later snapped with criticism Däniken's theory. Were produced numerous calculations to prove that the plane, made of stone, can not fly. Why did the researchers calculated that the airframe must be made of the same material as the screw it — very few people understand. Modern turbo-prop aircraft, for example, for the most part have a lightweight aluminum body and screws made of more durable and heavy metals. Along the way, it was proved that the plane of the gold can not fly, too — and there is such an artifact. Official science triumphantly looked "defeated" opponent.
However Däniken said that he had never claimed that the disc was used as Sabu propeller aircraft, and offered to look for the answer to his appearance in the present to our time on the islands of Papua — New Guinea cargo cult.
The cult Shipping — one of the youngest religions in the world. The followers of the cult of worship aircraft. First cult samoletopoklonnikov was recorded in 1885 in Fiji. However, the widespread distribution it received in the mid-twentieth century in Papua New Guinea. Those living in the Stone Age aborigines of islands almost never met not only with the achievements of civilization, but also with white people. Until then, until the outbreak of war with Japan, Americans began to build airfields on the islands.

Savages enchanted watched on runways sit "iron bird". But not even excited by aircraft main interest of Aboriginal people. They were interested in more removed from the aircraft in large quantities products and a variety of useful products. In contrast to European or American boys fighters natives did not like, they just loved transport aircraft. Part of the imported goods in different ways fell into the hands of savages and caused a mystical worship.
This horror experienced natives, when the war with Japan ended. This fact is likely to consciousness savages never arrived. They've only seen the terrible consequences: white people have disappeared, and so necessary to the people of Papua planes stopped landing. Then the savages began to build from the leaves of the coconut palm and straw runways and equip them "replicas" radio towers. Even the airplanes of the same materials were mass manufactured savages. The purpose of the cult was a hope to lure cargo planes. Many Papuans are hoping for it so far.

It is in this psychological phenomenon that emerged during the temporary contact of civilizations that are at very different stages of development, and suggests looking for clues of mysterious artifacts Eric Von Daniken. He argues that the ancient civilization of the Earth did not have aerial vehicles and spacecraft, but they all saw it.


According to Däniken, about 14,000 years ago the Earth with mysterious aliens profit goals. They used planes, helicopters and space ships. Shaken by the power of the alien technology and humanity began to idolize aliens. When they disappeared just as suddenly, people started to create some conditional copies of what they saw. And the purpose of the disk Sabu — not serve as a propeller plane, and the case of the "golden airplane" does not fly. The purpose of these subjects — he had seen portray people as objects of worship. This theory can not fully explain most of the artifacts that are not available at the time of their production technology, and spread throughout the world figures, similar to images of aliens.
By the way, made by German engineers from modern materials a copy of the "golden airplane" was equipped with a motor and not only flew, but also demonstrated the aerodynamic performance is not worse than that of modern aircraft models.

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