Dyatlov Pass mystery: Who is hiding the truth about the death of nine tourists half a century later?

September 10, 2012 15:00

In the footsteps of the missing expedition. Part 1 [investigation Varsegova Nicholas and Natalie Co., video]
Our correspondent passed along the route tourists skiers killed in the Northern Urals with a half-century ago, under very mysterious circumstances.
Dyatlov Pass mystery: Who is hiding the truth about the death of nine tourists half a century later?

Unexplained disappearance of the Northern Urals An-2 aircraft with the pilot and 12 passengers on board in June of this year forced to recall once more no less mysterious story Dyatlov Pass in the winter in 1959 killed nine students and graduates of the Ural Polytechnic Institute.

These were desperate and experienced athletes, not just perform hiking highest complexity. But something terrible has forced them to leave the tent at night, half-naked. Why all the tourists cold. Investigators have not been able to find otgadku this tragedy. The case was closed with a hint of mysticism: "The cause of death was an elemental force students to overcome that they were not able to."
To the media in those Soviet times, this story immediately became a taboo, but it passed from mouth to mouth, scaring citizens most terrible assumptions. In the death of tourists suspected military. There were rumors that the boys were accidentally witnessed the test secret weapon. Therefore, their special forces and killed. But it is also suspected and runaway convicts, and poachers from regional party, and ordinary hunters. Suspected and American spies, and the UFO that flew over the North then the Urals. But now, with the birth of the documents the investigation, all these versions do not fall away, and even more entrenched in people's minds.

Truth Is Out There

We too carried away with the study of the history, Having a large investigation. The truth about the death of those tourists, it seemed to us, somewhere it is very close — as we'll talk. But for the uninitiated reader will first tell about those events.
January 23, 1959 in Sverdlovsk in the mountains of Northern Urals went ten skiers from the Tourist Club UPI. Their names are: team leader, Igor Dyatlov, Zinaida Kolmogorov Rustem Slobodin, Yuri Doroshenko, Yuri Krivonischenko, Nor-
Thibault-Cola Brignoles, Lyudmila Dubinin, Alexander Kolevatov, Simon Zolotarev (1921 p., instructor of tourism). Finally, Yuri Yudin — the only survivor of the group.
The kids had to be overcome to ski 350 miles and win on the road uphill
Otyrten altitude 1182 meters. Until February 14, the group had to go back to the village and give Vijay native telegram.
Campaign started is easy and fun, as recorded in field diaries. At stations and on trains case contradicts with the police because of loud laughter and singing the songs of students. But the guys were paper-armor, which clearly states that their hike (no joke to say!) Coincided with the opening of the XXI Congress of the CPSU. And it can be fixed without protocols. But serious trouble you can before going to ski. Tenth participant Yuri Yudin sensed acute pain in the joints and was forced to return. It was run by photographer captured. There Luda Dubinin as if playing to the camera, "Farewell of Slav" …
Time passed, and telegrams from all the guys was … February 26 rescuers found on Mount Holatchahl empty tent and a cut on her bare feet down the tracks to the forest. After within a mile found five frozen bodies. Other corpses found only in May under the melted snow. Almost all tourists were barefoot and half-naked. There were other fatal injuries — broken ribs, punched his head. Others died from the cold. Ludmila Dubinin had no eyes and tongue. Forensic experts were unable to explain the cause of injury. And now no one can safely say the most important — why tourists have left the tent at the dead of winter, and to my death?
Either in a tent or near the investigators found no blood stains, no signs of struggle. All valuables and money of tourists stayed in a tent. Here — the half-eaten dinner. And it is quite mysterious — tent was rip from the inside! That is when all of a sudden there was a dinner that made tourists instantly cut the tent and get out of the ordinary …

DEAD TOURISTS shred in the prison morgue

Ivdel met us sticky tropical heat of 30, which we did not expect in August in the latitudes of the Northern Urals. We also did not expect that this small town in the taiga wilderness will be quite nice and neat on the background of mountain scenery. True, his appearance overshadows big prison hospital, belted impenetrable fence topped with barbed wire and watchtowers. Before the war pores this region abounds with prison camps, for felling and extraction of ores require a lot of hands.
Group Igor Dyatlov at Ivdel-riding in the night of 25 January 1959. In his diaries, they have devoted to this city with only a dozen words:
"… Around 24.00 profit Ivdel. A large waiting room. Take turns on duty all night. Bus leaves at Vijay early morning. " After a month in the same city will bring the first found the body of tourists.
— I was young then, a nurse working — says Zoya Nikitichna Savin. — I saw them at the bus stop. Funny all the same. Laughed loudly. And then they were brought to the morgue, I peered out the window. The girl lay there and the guys do not remember how many. The girl's feet were wearing socks. And their friend, who did not go with them, was at the morgue and crying.
One would think that their comrade Yuri Yudin joint disease only saved from the strange death. According to people who know Yudina, all these years … waiting for his band. Never married. She lives alone and is very poor. Russian suffer illness and holds four cats.
In the same hospital she worked at the morgue assistant surgeon Maria I. Salter. If we believe a number of sources, in the hour after the publicity she told me that from the place of death of tourists brought in Ivdel not 9, and 11 corpses.
"… Why are there two more — I do not know. I recognize them immediately, in these clothes, and they were last seen at the bus stop. Open brought us to a military hospital, but one body, have not shown, was taken immediately to Sverdlovsk. Some military was during the autopsy pointed to me and said the doctor Prutkov: "Why do you need it?" Prutkov was polite, but this time right away: "Maria Ivanovna, you can go!" Subscribe to disclose to me then still took. They were taken from all, including the drivers and pilots vozivshih body … "
Unfortunately, Maria Ivanovna died recently. Her daughter could not remember such stories my mother. But the current chief medical officer at the military hospital Ivdel Colonel Vladimir Konyushevskaya told the stories of his father, that the bodies of tourists first really brought to the morgue of the hospital, and then transferred to the next opening in the prison hospital. Perhaps because of secrecy? About the number of corpses Konyushevskaya father did not say, but I saw that the bodies were orange. It could be a so-called maceration — redness from frostbite.


There have been many versions, some even related to espionage and sabotage behind because all the tourists have a degree of privacy. UPI preparing students to work in private companies, others have worked in secret factories. It even that of tourists could be one or more spies. These spies, killing comrades on the enemy plane you, whether the helicopter flew over the border. Possibly with hostages. Otherwise, where the bodies of four other? Because before our shipment on the trail of the lost leadership of the newspaper appealed to the authorities of the Federal Security Service with a request for any records of the investigation of those years under the KGB. FSB officers gladly delve into the archives and gave us the answer, which we are very surprised and added to that case is still one big puzzle. But this answer is mysterious denoted later in the course of this investigation.
Continued in the next issue.
We would ask anyone who was somehow involved in the story, to her investigation, share with us the memories, and perhaps accurate knowledge of the causes of the tragedy.

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