Each reindeer in Chukotka can get a snowmobile over 20 killed wolves

 Chukotka authorities encourage snowmobile each employee farms that killed 20 wolves in the migrations routes reindeer brigades, while maintaining the practice of payment of 15 rubles for one destroyed by a predator, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the department of agricultural policy in the region.

Wolves are causing great damage to domestic reindeer in Chukotka, which is the main agricultural activity in the area. In 2012, 14.1 thousand predators killed a deer, which was one of the main causes of the decline in the stock 5% — to its current level of 164.9 thousand. This factor has led to an overall reduction of 22.8% of the production of venison in the latest autumn and winter of slaughter — to 1.575 tons.

According to the regional government for the protection and use of wildlife, Chukotka there are now about 2.2 thousand gray predators, more than triple the rate, which is calculated according to the size of the hunting grounds, and 600 wolves.

"We will continue this practice in the last year of shooting wolves herders subsidy of $ 15 thousand for each animal, for which, as then, is allocated 6 million rubles. Additionally, this year, for every 20 wolves killed a reindeer herder he was supposed to snowmobile" Yamaha. "main condition bonus — a predator to get on the route migrations team and take his skin to the warehouse," — said the representative of the department.

According to him, snowmobiles have been pre-purchased and are now in Anadyr.

"In general, the district agricultural until reported for the production of about 30 wolves from the beginning of the year, but the information received is far from all the teams. And last year, 212 deer farms produced predators, 99% of which was shot herders themselves, and the rest — especially attracted hunters , "- he added.

Another 135 wolves in 2012, produced under license from amateur hunters. For them, the main interest is the wolf skin, which costs in the domestic market can vary from 8 to 25 thousand rubles, depending on the subspecies predator as polar wolf much larger forest.

Hunting for such authorization is from September 15 to 28 February, however, and then want to get a wolf can apply for permission to control their numbers duty paid 400 rubles.

The practice of encouraging the shooting of wolves, until recently, has not been used in Chukotka since Soviet times, when the skin of a wolf hunter received $ 100, a wolf — 50 rubles, and the wolf — 25 rubles. Have not used and highly effective way of shooting predators from helicopters because of the high cost of fuel, although experts now insist on her resume, because the damage caused by predators, herds, even more.

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